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Ready to Wear Line for Fall and Winter 2005/06: By Christine

Even though I am a few months late, I decided to look at the designers’ lines for Fall/Winter of 2005/06. The Ready to Wear line usually differs from Haut Couture, however it still allows us a glimpse into the colours, fabrics and silhouettes that will be deemed ‘the look’. (Haut Couture week for Autumn/Winter 2005/06 begins July 6-9th)

Here is a brief sampling of designers and their looks for Fall/Winter.

Chanel - keeping with their clean, classic lines, there is plenty of winter white and black, as well as grey and camel. Layering of textured fabrics and pattern variations, silk bows (placed anywhere, knees no exception) ruffles, and slim silhouette pants.

Versace - following Chanel’s black and winter white palette, some jewel tones thrown in as well. Very slick and polished as opposed to shocking. Knee high classic slim boots with stunning chiffon dresses and flip skirts. Beautiful lines that hug the body.

Burberry - lots of midi swing coats (love them), longer hemlines and a leaning towards the 20’s flapper style. Empire waisted dresses and skinny scarves were also back. Flat caps and ballerina hair bands also made an appearance.

Prada - Jackie O meets 20’s flapper styles, ballerina headbands. Colour palette was mostly black with winter whites and a few rich jewel tones. Minimalism is back, and the silhouette is lean and tailored as opposed to some of the depressing black lines of a few years back.

Ghost - midi length, flowing skirts, low necklines, low slung sashes, beautiful boots and leaner silhouettes. Very ethereal looking (no pun intended) Colours ranged from earth tones to some jewel tones. Very creative.

Fendi - Fur hats, ethnic jewellery, two piece form-fitting suits with short cropped jackets - emphasis on luxury material.

Anna Sui - Plenty of metallic fabrics, bright folkloric prints, silky bow embellished blouses, empire waistlines, tweeds and bright leather boots - all wrapped up in ethnic styling. A fast, colourful explosion of fashion.

BCBG - Skinny silhouette pants - abstract/folksy designed blouses, chiffon dresses. Gold metallic evident in threads and accessories. Suede wedge-heeled, knee high boots making a return.

Herrera - Old fashioned glamour - very sleek. Two piece suits with emphasis on the body’s curves, as well as some furs. Otherwise, typical Herrera chic.

Diane Von Furstenberg - showcases her classic wrap as well as some other interesting lines. She also showed some military styled shirts, pants and skirts. Brocade bordered outfits and flowing chiffon dresses were on the same bill. Flat fronted, slim trousers.

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