Friday, June 10, 2005

The Inside By Lezah

I read somewhere that a lot of marriages break-up following high school reunions. So, don't tell my beloved this, but I have fallen in love - love, love, love, love, love - with this guy who I graduated with. His name is Tim Minear, and he's soooo -
Wait, you've heard of him? That's so cool!

Actually, I'm assuming that the Tim Minear whom I went to school with is the same Tim Minear I am now in love with. How many can there be out there, anyway?

The reason that I am in love, is that this Tim Minear just came out with a new show on Fox (Wednesday nights at 9) called 'The Inside'. This is the same Tim Minear of 'Firefly', 'Angel', 'The Wonderfalls' and 'The X Files' fame. As a matter of fact, the first episode of 'The Inside' was not only written by Tim, but also produced and directed by him! Now, ain't that somethin'! And furthermore, he was brought in to re-work the premise of the original episode of 'The Inside' prior to airing a few months ago, and has turned it from a '21 Jump Street'/FBI-agent-goes-undercover-in-high-school-type of show into something a lot darker that more resembles 'Silence of the Lambs'.

This show is a crime/drama which revolves around the recent hire of a 22 year old FBI agent to the Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit. The group at the VCU is tracking a serial killer and loses a member in a suspicious death. Director Virgil 'Web' Webster (Peter Coyote) has headhunted recent Academy grad Rebecca Locke (Rachel Nichols), a gifted and driven hero who comes complete with a dark past. Locke's traumatic early life, however, gives her an unusual insight - and this is exactly what Web needs her for. In fact, Web has no qualms about exploiting any of his team members - and therein lies one of the show's major conflicts.

Also starring yet another Baldwin brother (Adam - and hey, just how many of those guys are there?), this show has a stellar cast, compelling writing (Jan Espenson of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer has apparently penned a few episodes), dark humour, intrigue and suspense. Fox has ordered 13 episodes - enough to help keep me going through TV's summer doldrums.

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