Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Manolo the Shoeblogger: By Lezah

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I was looking up information about shoes when I happened to stumble across the funniest site I've read in a long time. It is called 'Manolo the Shoeblogger' and he (Manolo) writes primarily about shoes, although he does include designer commentary and a bit of wedding fashions, too, and has also recently added men's fashions to his repertoire. Manolo writes in a charmingly ESL-style which I'm sure is fake but it certainly adds to the whole experience.

The best part of Manolo the Shoeblogger site is a section entitled 'The Gallery of Horrors'. Here he showcases the worst of the worst footwear, complete with gut-splittingly funny commentary. For example:

        The Uggs: "The only people who should be wearing this boot are the pre-teen girls who love the Hello Kitty." In this part, he includes a most-hilarious tale of Shannon Doherty.

        The Birkenstock: "... perhaps the ugliest, most unstylish shoe ever manufactured. This shoe, it looks like it was put together by the blind medieval monks, for wear by the peasants of the mud."

        The Dansko (a men's sport clog): "Perhaps, like the Manolo, you are wondering what is the sport that the mens play while wearing the clog?... As far as the Manolo knows, there is no sport that is best played with the clog on the foot, and so it is most likely that this description, it was given in the hopes that the potato of the couch as he clomped the aisles of the Wal-Mart, or sank into his Boy of Laziness for the protracted TV viewing, would feel good about himself."

But really, I can't do it justice here: you've got to read it yourself.

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