Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Icons: By Lezah

I recently came across a series of design books that are absolutely luscious. Edited by Angelika Taschen and published by Taschen Press, both of the books I was looking at have extremely little in the way of text but the most gorgeous pictures of interiors, exteriors and details that I've ever seen. Taschen goes to different cities and manages to capture the style inherent to each place, as dictated by its history, its light, its location, and a variety of other factors.
In 'Sydney Style', with pictures by Giorgio Possenti and Vega MG, Sydney (Australia) is described as a place where 'the people don't just live by the sea, but with the sea, too." Minimalist houses looking out over endless skies and ocean vistas are described as having "effective counterpoints: spacious rooms and exquisite furniture, clear form and few colours, fine materials".

In "Berlin Style', with photos by Eric Laignel, Berlin is described as a place that is "no amour fou, no love at first sight." Berlin is an older, more weathered city where "nothing really matches, but everything somehow makes a whole..."
I'd love to see the rest of the series, too - I'll have to try and hunt them down.

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