Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Punk Fashions by Lezah

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After what seems like decades of grunge and electronica, punk music is hot again, and that means that punk fashions are back in, too. Bondage pants are reappearing on high school students, the wild hair that put punk on the front page 30 years ago is a common sight once again, and old school punks are digging their old gear out of mothballs: at a recent Gallery opening I attended the other night a Vivienne Westwood shirt was on offer. It had been bought on the King's Road back in 1977, and had been lovingly stored since then.

Mojo magazine recently published a Punk Special Limited Edition (March 2005), and on page 48-49, they list 'ten crucial punk garments'. They are:

        - anarchy shirt: Vivienne Westwood originals from her Seditionaries shop on King's Road
        - brothel creeprs: these Teddy Boy faves were available at 430 King's Road, and further fueled the rockers vs. ted fighting
        - mohair jumper: deliberately ripped mohair for a mere thirty pounds back in 1976 - a week's wages!
        - PVC trousers: cheap to produce, these pants were hot sellers
        - Levi's: but, they've got to be straight-leg!
        - manifesto shirt: t-shirts proclaiming a message, loud and clear.
        - leather jacket: the never-out-of-fashion motorcycle jacket - a true classic.
        - bondage trousers: plaid, with fetish-inspired elements like multiple zippers. Too cool.
        - muslin top: distressed, emblazoned with slogans, and crudely stitched.
        - shades: even at night!

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