Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vancouver's Parade Of Lost Souls

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Parade Date: Saturday, Oct 27/07

Parade start: 7 p.m.

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I am typing this at 9:50 pm which means the parade has been on for almost two hours. I am disappointed that I didn’t think to write about it sooner - in fact I forgot all about it. Vancouver’s Parade of Lost Souls is an annual event that Vancouver is well known (globally) for.

If you google ‘top ten Halloween events’, Vancouver's Parade of Lost Souls is generally on that list. Come to think of it, Vancouverites are crazy for Hallowe’en, period. I have never met as many people as I have (since moving here) whom love Hallowe’en. It appears to be Vancouverites' favourite event. (Let me add - it’s never been recognized as an official holiday, not even as an important event.)

I think the allure of the day is because people enjoy dressing up and escaping from ‘themselves’ for a day, and escaping from the drudgery of everyday life. I do remember that devilish feeling of not being recognized and thus, not being responsible for my actions (because no one knew it was 'Christine'. What a freeing feeling!).

The best Hallowe’en I had waaayy back was when my friends and I dressed up as the Rocky Horror Picture Show ensemble. We represented the scantily clad female roles from the movie and I even coerced an inebriated friend to don Dr. Frank N’ Furter’s corset and fishnets. (My pals clued in afterwards - after viewing the movie's then our own images - that I was the only one still modestly dressed.) I suppose I still had some of that modest streak. Regardless of my outfit, it ended up being a fun evening - one I will remember for a long time.

In hindsight, we were quite the avant garde group in a small interior town; a town that had never heard of the movie R.H.P.S. In truth, my friends had never heard of the movie either, but being that I had just returned from Toronto's Roxy Theatre's Rocky Horror Picture Show 'experience' - complete with toast, toilet paper and all. (AND Tim Curry’s legs were amazing in fishnet stockings.) Anyway, the gals came on board after hearing my ‘Roxy experience sell’.

Whoops, once again I digress... Toronto has its Haunted Adventure and Vancouver has its Parade of Lost Souls which occurs every year on the Saturday before Hallowe’en. This event began in 1985 and as the years progressed, the parade has attempted to take on a more respectable and traditional outlook on Hallowe’en. Music, dancers, costumes, vendors and walking /strolling are all part of the evening's itinerary.

The parade is held to honour the dead with fireworks and creative tributes of floats/ vignettes. The parade also features a procession of crazy costumes, lanterns, choreography with torches, and culminates in a grand fireworks finalé. Even better - it is completely free. The only problem the parade has ever experienced was blip in 2005 - it didn't happen and I am not sure of the reasoning behind this 'non event'.

My favourite part of the Parade of Lost Souls' route is a cemetery stopover which provides hilarious headstone reading and encourages visitors to bury their ‘regrets’. The entrance gravestone reads: "In this graveyard lies various regrets that people have asked us to bury. They are ready to move on." Of course the fun regrets 'buried' are ones such as My grade 9 perm.

I have been too bah humbug and jaded about Hallowe’en for the last 13 years (due to numerous things.) I think my Autumn Resolution (that’s right - I make resolutions when I feel like it) is to take part in 2008's Parade of Lost Souls dressed up as A Christmas Carol’s Marley with my chains of remorse made up of every decision I‘ve made that was reliant on being safe; my behaving as an armchair critic; my inclination to make boring decisions, and worse - my choices to act as the 'agreeable person' to ideas without sharing what I truly want/need/feel. Subsequently, I have many chains of remorse. I had better start compiling those chains now and I'll need to bring a wagon to carry them all. Upon completion of (my participation in) the 2008 Parade, I will finally be exorcized of my Hallowe’en bad attitude and in 2009 I shall dress up as an inane Rock Star singer (who will presently remain nameless.) Although the band were semi (uhm... totally...) serious about their on stage apparel, they were FUNNY and that shall be me - The Oblivious Bad-Fashion-Sense Rocker, cowbell and all!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Parade of Lost Souls in October, 2008!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

And this is Where the Similarity Ends: Chris Albrecht VS Christine Albrecht By Christine Albrecht

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May, 2007: Time Warner Inc. today announced that the Company and Chris Albrecht have agreed that he will no longer serve as chairman and CEO of Home Box Office, effective immediately.

Sheesh - trust me to have a name similar to this guy. For those of you who have asked (and yes, there’s been a few) Chris Albrecht and I are not connected/ related/ or the same person.

Yes, I will promote some of Warner’s music (the label not Time Warner) and I promote Warner at my own free will. I am not paid or directed by anyone related to Warners. I receive music updates from a lot of music labels (Virgin, Capital, Universal, Wind-Up, 604 etc.) and post articles if I find them of interest.

Imagine my surprise at hearing about another Chris Albrecht who worked for Time Warner and he (please note that I am a she) had/has a horrible reputation in Hollywood. I don’t have the personality/ lack of mores/ or inclination to accumulate a horrible anything.

After finding an article from May, 2007, I finally realized who this ‘other’ Chris Albrecht was (the former Chairman and CEO of HBO). It appears this man has issues with women and alcohol and HBO has covered up his incidents since 1991! It was only when reporter Nikki Finke exposed Albrecht’s behaviours that his situation came to a head. Then HBO finally fired him. Sixteen years after the first allegation, but I suppose abuse of women does not provide the same knee jerk reaction as say... being involved in dog fights. Yep - if Chris Albrecht had been supporting illegal dog fights there would have been a public outcry and he would have been fired immediately.

So, once again and for the record, Chris Albrecht and I have nothing in common other than an unfortunate similarity in names.

A picture of Chris Albrecht NOT Christine Albrecht (I have more hair). Image from Deadline Hollywood.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holy Modal Rounders By: Lezah Williamson

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There's a documentary playing at Pacific Cinematheque (1131 Howe Street, Vancouver) this weekend that you shouldn't miss.

Born to Lose traces the path of the legendary psychedelic folk band Holy Modal Rounders from their start in Greenwich Village in the early sixties through their involvement in the Easy Rider soundtrack, finally culminating with their 40 year reunion concert in Oregon. (Dave drove down to see that one with his friend Ian - 4 hours down, a 4 hour set, straight through with no breaks, followed by a four hour drive back - apparently it was fantastic).

Footage shows original members Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber, and there are plenty of other interesting interviews from other sixties notables (like Peter Tork of the Monkees). Original drummer Sam Shepard (better known today as playwrite and actor Sam Shepard) is also featured.

For more information go to boundtolose

Images from littlehits.com and freakmountain.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seether Releases ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces’ By Christine Albrecht

Seether Releases ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces’ - Good Call Lisa and Ian

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Both Lisa Pieterse (from Wind-up Records) and my son, Ian, truly have an ‘ear’ when it comes to new music. They both are able to listen to a song once and predict its marketing future. Granted, there is a large age gap between the two as my son is still a ‘tween’ so Lisa does have the marketing edge, but I predict an impressive future for Ian in music promotion.

On September 4th, Lisa sent me a packet of CDs including Seether’s promotional single, Fake It. She emailed a note stating that Seether was a band to take note of.

As with any CD Lisa sends, I gathered my listening crew (okay, there were only three of us that day) and we sat down with the stereo cranked for the ultimate listening atmosphere/pleasure. With only one listen, the tween turned to me and solemnly said, That’s their ‘definite’ top five single, probably even number one. And the part of the chorus that goes,

Good god, you're coming up with reasons

Good god, you're dragging it out

Good god, it's the changing of the seasons...

has a killer hook. People won’t get that chorus out of their heads. Ian also went on to acknowledge the clearness of the lyrics (e.g. well enunciated) and I added my two cents - listeners will relate to the song’s theme of alienation while having to ‘fake it’.

Ian promptly urged me to write an article about Fake It but I reasoned that since the CD wasn’t ‘officially’ coming out until October 23rd, I wanted to wait and hear the CD in its entirety as I often find another “Top Ten” gem amongst the song line up.

Well, Seether’s Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was released today and the CD is brilliant. As Ian predicted, the chorus to Fake It is indelible and Lisa is correct in reminding us to keep our eyes on this band. Despite our continuous play of Fake It, it is radio airplay that brings a song (even an already fabulous one) more to life than any stereo.

This may be the band’s third kick at the can (they have had success with Fragile, Karma and Effect, and have played 2002’s Ozzfest) but they still know when to kick the can out of the playground.

When Fake It was first released, Lisa offered me the opportunity to interview Shaun Morgan but I was hesitant because between his break-up with Amy Lee (of Evanescence - her songs Call Me When You're Sober and Lithium were written about him); his stints in and out of rehab, and with the recent suicide (August/07) of his brother Eugene, I felt Shaun was too similar to an inflamed piece of skin - sensitive tissue that may react adversely to the wrong touch or approach. Having experienced the aftermath of both suicide and substance abuse within my environment, I wanted to give Shaun wide berth while he worked through his personal issues.

Here it is, October, and I still feel the need to allow Shaun his space. I hope to eventually chat with him and the band, and perhaps ask all the questions that I have longed to - including those that may step over the line of do you really need to know? It is hard not to be intrigued by the life this South African born musician has experienced thus far.

For now, Swanktrendz extends its congratulations and we are content to sit back and watch an incredible song/CD rocket its way up the charts.

Good call Lisa and Ian.

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces song listing is:

1. Like Suicide

2. Fake It

3. Breakdown


5. Fallen

6. Rise Above This

7. No Jesus Christ

8. 6 Gun Quota

9. Walk Away From the Sun

10. Eyes of the Devil

11. Don't Believe

12. Waste

You can visit Seether at www.seether.com

Visit Seether Myspace

Check out Fake It

Images from Wind-up Records

Monday, October 22, 2007

Top 100 Canadian Albums written by Bob Mersereau - Book Review By: Janessa Lowrey

Searching for an Album of Gold

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Canadians are by nature, an agreeable, outwardly polite, and generally apathetic group except when it comes to their music. As soon as I saw the premise behind the book Top 100 Canadian Albums by Bob Mersereau (released earlier this week.)

I knew I had to read it to see if my ‘personal’ musical selections had acknowledged amongst the top hundred. Save for a couple of squeezed-in mentions, my choices were not acknowledged in Bob Mersereau’s compilation of Canada’s top 100 albums.

Normally, I would shrug my shoulders and assume the Canadian ‘Mweh’ acceptance stance, but for some reason these omissions were NOT acceptable and I needed to read on and learn why truly great (if not great, then good) albums were excluded. It’s not like Canada has millions of hit albums floating about for assessment - if anything, we have enough solid LPs (to use an old term which appears appropriate given many of the outdated selections) to adequately fill the top hundred with room to spare.

No, this is not a time to be my usual flippant self, both in my writing and in my response and attitude.

My first ‘Aha, this explains everything’ moment was when I became aware of the Borda Count which Bob Mersereau relied on when determining his book’s reigning Top Canadian One Hundred Albums. (For some reason, the Borda Count seems to parallel American politics. Along with a couple of problems with the Borda Count is the mathematical one i.e., it is possible for the majority favourite to fail to win when the Borda Count is employed. Much akin to the american voting system)

According to Wikipedia (this site is becoming my secondary all-seeing third eye, and I hope its information is routinely double and triple checked as I have neither the time nor money to do either). As explained, The Borda Count is a system: in which voters rank candidates in order of preference. The Borda count determines the winner of an election by giving each candidate a certain number of points corresponding to the position in which he or she is ranked by each voter. Once all votes have been counted the candidate with the most points is the winner.

There are many flaws to this form of ranking, but by having Mersereau explain how he arrived at his controversial and arguable outcome made one’s knee jerk reaction less violent. Therefore, the decision to include relatively unknown albums on Mersereau’s list does not fall squarely on the author’s shoulders (although his decision for utilizing such a ranking system, does.)

Here’s is Mersereau's top hundred list for anyone who may have missed it:

1. Harvest, Neil Young (1972)

2. Blue, Joni Mitchell (1970)

3. After the Gold Rush, Neil Young (1970)

4. Music From Big Pink, The Band (1968)

5. Fully Completely, The Tragically Hip (1992 )

6. Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette (1995)

7. The Band, The Band (1969)

8. Funeral, Arcade Fire (2004)

9. Moving Pictures, Rush (1981)

10. American Woman, The Guess Who (1970)

11. Songs of Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen (1967)

12. Reckless, Bryan Adams (1984)

13. Five Days in July, Blue Rodeo (1993)

14. Twice Removed, Sloan (1994)

15. Up to Here, The Tragically Hip (1989)

16. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, Neil Young with Crazy Horse (1969)

17. 2112, Rush (1976)

18. Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell (1974)

19. Whale Music, Rheostatics (1992)

20. Acadie, Daniel Lanois (1989)

21. Day for Night, The Tragically Hip (1994)

22. Rust Never Sleeps, Neil Young & Crazy Horse (1979)

23. Gord's Gold, Gordon Lightfoot (1975)

24. You Were Here, Sarah Harmer (2000)

25. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Sarah McLachlan (1993)

26. Road Apples, The Tragically Hip (1991)

27. Gordon, Barenaked Ladies (1992)

28. You Forgot it in People, Broken Social Scene (2002)

29. I'm Your Man, Leonard Cohen (1988)

30. Tonight's the Night, Neil Young (1975)

31. Decade, Neil Young (1977)

32. Miss America, Mary Margaret O'Hara (1988)

33. Surfacing, Sarah McLachlan (1997)

34. One Chord to Another, Sloan (1996)

35. Songs of Love and Hate, Leonard Cohen (1971)

36. Cyborgs Revisited, Simply Saucer (1989)

37. Ingenue, k.d. lang (1992)

38. Melville, Rheostatics (1991)

39. Love Tara, Eric's Trip (1993)

40. On the Beach, Neil Young (1974)

41. Not Fragile, Bachman-Turner Overdrive (1974)

42. The Best of the Guess Who, The Guess Who (1971)

43. Let it Die, Feist (2004)

44. The Last Waltz, The Band (1978)

45. Night Train, The Oscar Petersen Trio (1963)

46. Down at the Khyber, The Joel Plaskett Emergency (2001)

47. Harvest Moon, Neil Young (1992)

48. Cuts Like a Knife, Bryan Adams (1983)

49. L'heptade, Harmonium (1976)

50. Teenage Head, Teenage Head (1979)

51. High Class in Borrowed Shoes, Max Webster (1977)

52. Hejira, Joni Mitchell (1976)

53. The Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould (1955 and 1982)

54. Forgarty's Cove, Stan Rogers (1977)

55. Wheatfield Soul, The Guess Who (1968)

56. Si on avait besoin d'une cinquieme saison, Harmonium (1974)

57. Dancing in the Dragon's Jaw, Bruce Cockburn (1979)

58. Frantic City, Teenage Head (1980)

59. Hymns of the 49th Parallel, k.d. lang (2004)

60. Hot Shots, Trooper (1979)

61. Robbie Robertson, Robbie Robertson (1987)

62. The Trinity Session, Cowboy Junkies (1988)

63. Ron Sexsmith, Ron Sexsmith (1995)

64. Nothingface, Voivod (1989)

65. Come on Over, Shania Twain (1997)

66. Everything I Long For, Hayden (1995)

67. Outskirts, Blue Rodeo (1987)

68. Joyful Rebellion, k-os (2004)

69. Sit Down Young Stranger/If You Could Read My Mind, Gordon Lightfoot (1970)

70. Love Junk, The Pursuit of Happiness (1988)

71. Jaune, Jean-Pierre Ferland (1970)

72. Somewhere Outside, The Ugly Ducklings (1966)

73. Electric Jewels, April Wine (1973)

74. Sundown, Gordon Lightfoot (1973)

75. Left and Leaving, The Weakerthans (2000)

76. Clumsy, Our Lady Peace (1997)

77. Harmonium, Harmonium (1974)

78. Share the Land, the Guess Who (1970)

79. Greatest Hits!, Ian & Sylvia (1970)

80. Steppenwolf, Steppenwolf (1968)

81. Ladies of the Canyon, Joni Mitchell (1970)

82. Bud the Spud and Other

Favourites, Stompin' Tom Connors (1969)

83. Shine a Light, Constantines (2003)

84. Shakespeare My Butt, The Lowest of the Low (1991)

85. Clayton Park, Thrush Hermit (1998)

86. Smeared, Sloan (1992)

87. Living Under June, Jann Arden(1994)

88. The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Joni Mitchell (1975)

89. Bad Manors, Crowbar (1971)

90. Official Music, King Biscuit Boy With Crowbar (1970)

91. Lightfoot!, Gordon Lightfoot (1966)

92. Mad Mad World, Tom Cochrane (1991)

93. Rufus Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright (1998)

94. Face to the Gale, Ron Hynes (1997)

96. Hobo's Taunt, Willie P. Bennett (1977)

97. Cowboyography, Ian Tyson (1986)

98. Favourite Colours, The Sadies (2004)

99. The Way I Feel, Gordon Lightfoot (1967)

100. A Farewell to Kings, Rush (1977)

My first concern (in the general housekeeping section) was - why couldn’t the list makers just plug the artists’ names on the list rather than record each of the artist’s albums worthy of mention. Yes, I know this is the top 100 albums of Canadian rock, but presently some singers have filled at least five slots - four of which could go go to equally talented artists. (In other words, shouldn’t there be a quota?)

Another concern - (more to do with the overall selection process involved when choosing an artist’s album) - was each artist involved given a list of names to choose/narrow the selection from, or was each judge/voter invited to submit his/her own top ten artists?

As with many other book reviewers, I feel the need to ask some trivial questions

a) Where is the index?

b) Why are the chosen albums generally decades old? Certainly we have albums from as late as 2006 (insert exaggerated gasp here)?

c) Was there a year/date deadline so some of the currently popular bands were unable to be amongst the choices presented?

 d) Did the chosen album have to sell well (quantity of units versus quality of units) in order to be considered?

e) Should an artist’s ‘greatest hits’ be considered an album?

f) Who the hell were the 600 or so people chosen to fill out the survey? Were they all members of the I-hate-Nickelback-and-have-nothing-better-to-do-club?I realize the book states they were music journalists, retailers, musicians and DJs, of various ages, from across the country, but I question their credentials (and are they really pretentious as they appear to come across?)

and g) Is there going to be a sequel - aptly entitled. Canadian bands unfortunately overlooked during the first book but now available as a viable option for the second book...

 Here comes Janessa’s official whine so slice up the cheese.

Assume for an instant that artists whom made the top hundred list do not have to include every variation of an album they’ve made? With subsequent space created, could the following artists be included?:

Bif Naked

Art Bergmann

Sons Of Freedom



Meryn Cadell

Men Without Hats

The Odds

The New Pornographers(COME ON!!!? Surely they warrant a mention??)

Neko Case

The Spoons - (our major album selling darlings of the ‘80s)

Rough Trade - Hello? Carol Pope?

Sam Roberts - COME ON!!



Sara Craig - Alanis-type angst well before Alanis’s jagged little pill release

A Foot in Cold Water



Marianas Trench - yes they are new... but they belong here.

Boy - Again, they are new, but they are incredible

Prairie Oyster

Hot Hot Heat,

The Rankin Family,

Canadian well-known singer Rita MacNeil

Nickelback - Hello!? Is anyone awake back there?

The Headpins

- (While Bryan Adams released his first album. Darby Mills and company were neck in neck for radio airplay with them

Martha and the Muffins

Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Rufus makes it on but...?

Great Sugar

The Grapes of Wrath



Anne Murray- She won every award possible yet...?

Spirit of the West

Chantal Kreviazuk

and I could go on but I will not...

I totally appreciate and welcome the inclusion of such artists as: Joni Mitchell, The Tragically Hip, Gordon Lightfoot,The Constantines, Our Lady Peace, The Guess Who, Barenaked Ladies. April Wine, Leonard Cohen, Bryan Adams, The weakerthans, Rush and even Canadian legend Stompin’ Tom.

I will be kind here and acknowledge that when one is asked one’s top ten Canadian albums, it is easy to forget bands. It is easy to fall prey to the Oh-yeah-I-forgot-about-that-one. What as I thinking? However, it is never too late to call or write in your change in band priority.

I am not sure what Mersereau was hoping to attain when he released this water-cooler debate book. Perhaps he was hoping for a argumentative discourse, thus increasing the profile of the book which in turn would increase sales. If this was not his intent, let me be the first in line to learn what he hoped to gain from releasing such an annoying list?

Overall my rating would be 9/10 for latching on to a very good (albeit already done) idea and introducing a tallying system which is both unpredictable and annoying - YET - gets Canadians to discuss our music scene which we are notorious for overlooking. He also receives a 6/10 for using an idea that has been used an indeterminate amount of times before. Be original, think of a way to stimulate Canadian music conversation without resorting to tired methods.

Buy This Book

Tracey Moffatt, under the sign of scorpio By Christine Albrecht

Tracey Moffatt

I know there are a lot of you who dabble into photography (or are downright serious about your vocation. As I mentioned before, there is an Australian photographer who has intrigued me. She does the most incredible photography ever,

One recent series I have become obsessed with is her Born under the sign of Scorprio It is amazing because she has chosen all of these famous celebrities to take photos of. The catch is... The people in the photos are all her. She simply donned the garb she thought they would wear and voila - a photo is born. There are some extremely wonderful photos - check them out!

Visit Moffatt

A Picture of Dorthy Dandridge

A picture of Joni Mitchell

Friday, October 19, 2007

Black and White With A Touch Of Colour - Saturday, October 27, 2007 By: Janessa Lowrey

Second Annual Concert at Kay Meek continues to serve as fundraiser for Harvest Project

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Vancouver, BC - The second annual pop/ classical concert, Black and White with a Touch of Colour, featuring Canadian platinum composer and pianist Kenneth N. Johnson, will take place at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver on Saturday, October 27th at 8:00 P.M.. Once again this show is a fundraiser for the Harvest Project, a non-profit organization on the North Shore. The event will also feature a silent auction thanks to Harvest Project donors. Bidding begins when the doors open at 7:00 P.M. and continues through intermission.

The concert will feature Johnson at the piano, an orchestral ensemble, and special guest vocalists and dancers. Special guest artists this year are soprano Caitlin Bradley, tenor Lane Price, and dancer/ choreographer Jill Henis. The show is accompanied by the Northern Light Orchestra, and will also feature a special performance by songwriter/ guitarist Scott Johnson .

The response from last year's show was tremendous says Johnson. I was thrilled that so many people asked when it would be performed again. I am expecting our audience attendance to be up this year, enabling us to make a significantly greater financial contribution to the Harvest Project.

Tickets are available from the Kay Meek Centre Box office by phone between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday at $28 for adults and $25 for seniors and students.

The Harvest Project reaches out to individuals and families who are facing a difficult life circumstance. They can find help within the organization. Their primary focus is to, Extend a hand up, not a hand out. The Harvest Project was founded upon the Biblical principles of being generous to those in need.

For more information, contact:

Kenneth N. Johnson

Kay Meek Centre

Harvest Project




Email KNJmusic

Kay Meek Centre

Harvest Project

More on the Movie Control - Contributed by Robert Campbell

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After the movie Control debuted at Cannes on May 17, 2007, critics have described Sam Riley's portrayal of Joy Division's troubled singer Ian Curtisas spectacular and outstanding. The movie received a standing ovation during its premiere on the Croisette.

The film’s black and white photography makes the Manchester scene both achingly beautiful and isolated amidst the smoking, sex, suffering and eventual suicide.

To see trailer clips/information of Control, click here.

Control won the title of Best European Film at the Cannes festival.

This movie is a must see for everyone and especially those angst filled electronic and emo music fans.

Monday, October 15, 2007


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I was reading through my subscriptions at myspace.com when I came across this notice:


The October 1, 2007, Myspace.com alert reported that due to personal and musical differences the popular drummer has gone his own way.

Brian Molko compared Placebo’s dynamic to that of a marriage and likened Steve’s departure to a marital outcome when the participants have grown apart over the years. The split is said to be amicable and that mutual love is still there despite it being a sad time for both parties.

Steve Hewitt replaced Robert Schultzberg on drums in 1996 during the band’s debut album. He went on to record the band’s following four studio albums which were received with critical acclaim.

Placebo have just returned from the USA where they were part of the high profile 'Projekt Revolution Tour' alongside Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance.  The band are now taking a well earned break.

Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal will begin work on Placebo's 6th studio album next Spring and are in no rush to find an immediate replacement for Steve. 

Being an avid/rabid Placebo fan, I am curious to see which drummer will take Steve’s place and wonder if the band’s chemistry will remain as eclectic and electric.

Image from placebo.europe2blog.fr

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

k.d. lang announces release of new album Christine Albrecht

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k.d. lang's new album, Watershed, will be released in North America by Nonesuch Records/Warner Music Canada on February 5, 2008. Watershed comprises 11 new songs written and produced by k.d., and recorded in California this year.

Watershed is the first album of newly written material from the four-time Grammy winner since 2000's Invincible Summer, and her first studio album since 2004's acclaimed Canadian songbook, Hymns Of The 49th Parallel. It is also the first self-produced collection of her celebrated 25-year career.

An itinerary of international tour dates to follow the album's release will be announced shortly.

Visit the official : k.d. lang website

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Warner's Upcoming Tour Schedule October 10, 2007 Christine Albrecht


Thursday, October 11 Live Nation Richard's on Richards


Thursday, October 11 Live Nation Save On Foods (Victoria)

Friday, October 12 Live Nation G.M. Place

DIE MANNEQUIN (w/Finger Eleven)

Image by the edge

Thursday, October 11 Live Nation Save On Foods (Victoria)

Friday, October 12 Live Nation PNE Forum


Saturday, October 13 Sealed With A Kiss Commodore


Thursday, October 18 Live Nation Croatian Cultural Centre


Friday, October 26 Live Nation Media Club


Saturday, November 3 LiveNation Commodore


Tuesday, November 6 LiveNation Commodore


Friday, November 9 LiveNation Croatian Cultural Centre


Friday, November 30 LiveNation GM Place


Monday, December 10 LiveNation PNE Coliseum


Thursday, January 10 LiveNation Save On Foods (Victoria)

Saturday, January 12 LiveNation GM Place

Sunday, January 13 LiveNation Prospera Place (Kelowna)


Saturday, October 06, 2007

They Might Be Giants Concert Review By: Christine Albrecht

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Sept 26/07 Commodore Ballroom

Medium Capacity

Taking their name from the 1971 movie They Might Be Giants (John Linnell and John Flansburgh) are definitely getting on in years 'cause, well... the first time I saw them was on some 5:00 am morning show in the late ‘80s (Yes... I think I was uh, 9 years of age).

When they played the Commodore Ballroom on September 26th, it was as if all 40+ year olds had died and gone to TMBG heaven.

This band is not for the serious, various extrimential, thus shoe staring, and head bobbing crew. TMBF’s lyrics are whimsical yet extremely cerebral; they are neither parody nor a novelty. They do have something to say, you just have to be clever enough to read bewteen the lines to catch it (some very tongue in cheek). (Their album Apollo 18 was notable for being one of the first albums to take advantage of the CD player's shuffle feature. The song "Fingertips" actually comprised 21 separate tracks — short snippets that not only acted together to make the song, but that when played in random order would be interspersed between the album's full-length songs. - Wikipedia)

They didn’t seem to have the playing endurance as they did at their last show in Vancouver, then again perhaps they weren’t ‘feeling’ that need from the audience? An unfortunate side to the band’s popularity is that they have released so many albums, one can be guaranteed that their ‘favourite song’ will probably be missed. And lastly, Thankfully (given the crowd’s age?) the mosh pit was...moshless.

CD’s T-shirts and other band revenue paraphernalia were not to be had thanks to seizures by Canadian Customs (those people really need to find a hobby).

Overall, 8/10 (loss for the short set). And I have to add that I am glad I saw them as I have a feeling they won’t be touring for some time.

Aome Trivia, For most of their career, TMBG have made innovative use of the Internet, long before myspace.com made it popular.Also, the band was the subject of the 2003 documentary film Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns), directed by AJ Schnack.

Polaris Music Prize by Lezah Williamson

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Better late than never - that's my motto!

So this doesn't exactly fall under the category of 'news', as it's already a week old, but here goes.

the Winner of the 2007 Polaris Prize is Patrick Watson for 'Close to Paradise'.

The Polaris Prize is an award loosely based on the UK's Mercury Prize, but which recognizes alternative music acts that are springing from the burgeoning Canadian scene.

With first place ringing in at $20000, merely being nominated for the prize has been shown to have a huge impact on record sales for all nominated acts.

This year's acts were, once again, a fairly diverse group. In addition to Watson, there was the much touted favourites and front-runners, The Besnard Lakes; the commercially popular Feist (have you heard her new iPod ad?) and Arcade Fire; The Dears; Julie Doiron; Junior Boys; Miracle Boys; Chad Vangallen; and the wonderfully named Joel Plaskett Emergency.

The Polaris Prize is not your usual run-of-the-mill popularity contest, as are some other prizes that will remain unnamed - last year's winner, folk based Final Fantasy(an offshoot project for Arcade Fire member Owen Pallett) beat out well known, more commercial acts like The New Pornographers and Broken Social Scene.

Control - Joy Division movie By Lezah Williamson

Playing at the VIFF

Control the critically acclaimed film based on the life of 'Joy Division frontman 'Ian Curtis, is screened on (Sept. 28 at 9 pm) and (September 29 at 2 pm) at the Granville Cinema as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Control is the critic's pick for the VIFF, and it premiered to rave reviews at Cannes in May, 2007.

Control's director is Anton Corbijn, who also has a personal history with the band: he's the guy who took the well-known pic of the band standing in a tube station. This photo served not only as a popular image of the band, it also came to symbolize the social change that was sweeping England in the late 1970s.

The film is based primarily on the biography penned by Curtis's widow, Deborah Curtis, and all music in the film was scored by the surviving members of the band.

Control stars Sam Riley, who played Mark E. Smith in '24 Hour Party People'.

Can't make the VIFF screenings this weekend? Stay tuned: the movie will be in general release later this fall.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Songwriters: One Week Left to enter your song into the ISC Contest! By Christine Albrecht

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This year, ISC has 44 judges, including: Tom Waits; Robert Smith (The Cure); Ray Davies (The Kinks); Ornette Coleman, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Nelly Furtado; Loretta Lynn; Michael W. Smith, and seven record label presidents, including Monte Lipman (President, Universal Records) and Charlie Walk (President, Epic Records) and many more. We all know how hard it is to get your music heard, so here is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. See below for a complete list of judges.

There's more. Winning ISC gives international recognition to an artist - with all the press, attention, and bragging rights that go along with it. Not bad for just entering songs into ISC!

ISC categories include:

Pop/Top 40, AAA (Adult Album Alternative), Rock, Country, Americana, R&B/Hip-Hop, Blues, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, Gospel/Christian, Latin Music, Instrumental, Dance/Electronica, World Music, Children's Music, Lyrics Only, Comedy/Novelty, Teen, and Performance.

Good Luck Everyone - Enter your song into the link below: