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Seether Releases ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces’ By Christine Albrecht

Seether Releases ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces’ - Good Call Lisa and Ian

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Both Lisa Pieterse (from Wind-up Records) and my son, Ian, truly have an ‘ear’ when it comes to new music. They both are able to listen to a song once and predict its marketing future. Granted, there is a large age gap between the two as my son is still a ‘tween’ so Lisa does have the marketing edge, but I predict an impressive future for Ian in music promotion.

On September 4th, Lisa sent me a packet of CDs including Seether’s promotional single, Fake It. She emailed a note stating that Seether was a band to take note of.

As with any CD Lisa sends, I gathered my listening crew (okay, there were only three of us that day) and we sat down with the stereo cranked for the ultimate listening atmosphere/pleasure. With only one listen, the tween turned to me and solemnly said, That’s their ‘definite’ top five single, probably even number one. And the part of the chorus that goes,

Good god, you're coming up with reasons

Good god, you're dragging it out

Good god, it's the changing of the seasons...

has a killer hook. People won’t get that chorus out of their heads. Ian also went on to acknowledge the clearness of the lyrics (e.g. well enunciated) and I added my two cents - listeners will relate to the song’s theme of alienation while having to ‘fake it’.

Ian promptly urged me to write an article about Fake It but I reasoned that since the CD wasn’t ‘officially’ coming out until October 23rd, I wanted to wait and hear the CD in its entirety as I often find another “Top Ten” gem amongst the song line up.

Well, Seether’s Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was released today and the CD is brilliant. As Ian predicted, the chorus to Fake It is indelible and Lisa is correct in reminding us to keep our eyes on this band. Despite our continuous play of Fake It, it is radio airplay that brings a song (even an already fabulous one) more to life than any stereo.

This may be the band’s third kick at the can (they have had success with Fragile, Karma and Effect, and have played 2002’s Ozzfest) but they still know when to kick the can out of the playground.

When Fake It was first released, Lisa offered me the opportunity to interview Shaun Morgan but I was hesitant because between his break-up with Amy Lee (of Evanescence - her songs Call Me When You're Sober and Lithium were written about him); his stints in and out of rehab, and with the recent suicide (August/07) of his brother Eugene, I felt Shaun was too similar to an inflamed piece of skin - sensitive tissue that may react adversely to the wrong touch or approach. Having experienced the aftermath of both suicide and substance abuse within my environment, I wanted to give Shaun wide berth while he worked through his personal issues.

Here it is, October, and I still feel the need to allow Shaun his space. I hope to eventually chat with him and the band, and perhaps ask all the questions that I have longed to - including those that may step over the line of do you really need to know? It is hard not to be intrigued by the life this South African born musician has experienced thus far.

For now, Swanktrendz extends its congratulations and we are content to sit back and watch an incredible song/CD rocket its way up the charts.

Good call Lisa and Ian.

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces song listing is:

1. Like Suicide

2. Fake It

3. Breakdown


5. Fallen

6. Rise Above This

7. No Jesus Christ

8. 6 Gun Quota

9. Walk Away From the Sun

10. Eyes of the Devil

11. Don't Believe

12. Waste

You can visit Seether at www.seether.com

Visit Seether Myspace

Check out Fake It

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