Monday, April 28, 2008

Coldplay Set to Release New Album and Gig Dates

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Coldplay Dates:





Please check for details of how to win tickets and please do not contact the venues as no tickets will be available to buy.

Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends is released on June 17, 2008 in North America. The album comprises ten brand new tracks produced by Brian Eno and Markus Dravs.

The track listing is:











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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

People in Planes' Digital Release Beyond the Horizon Due: June 24/08 By Christine Albrecht

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CD will be available in store on September 9/08

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The Welsh quintet, People in Planes have announced their twelve (12) song, digital release, Beyond the Horizon (slated for release on June 24, 2008).

The tracks are: Last Man Standing, Mayday, Get on the Flaw, Pretty Buildings, Better Than Life, Flesh and Blood, Beyond the Horizon, Know by Now, Tonight the Sun will Rise, I Wish You'd Fall Apart, Vampire, and Evil With You.

This is People in Planes' second album release and has involved four producers and working in seven different studios across America, England and Wales. (PIP's first release is entitled As Far as the Eye Can See.) The band's impressive list of producers includes Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace), Matt Squire (Panic at the Disco), and Dan Austin (Doves/Massive Attack).

People in Planes has already shared the track Pretty Buildings via the internet and received good responses from both fans and the media (Newsweek declared them a "group to watch").

Itunes will have the People in Planes' first single Mayday (M'aidez) available for purchase (bundled with Last Man Standing and the video Pretty Buildings) on May 6, 2008. The video can be viewed at this link.

8 Need-to-Own Fashion Items From Canada's Fashion Insiders By: Christine Albrecht

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Canadian fashion 'insiders' were asked to share their all-time favourite fashion items. See article: here.

Here are the eight pieces that the fashionistas settled upon.

Karen Kwinter's Editor (Canadian Living & Homemakers ) Choice:

satchel-style black leather handbag.

It's something that will never go out of style. It provides an immediate upgrade to anything worn (with exception to evening wear).

Jessica Ungerman's assistant style-editor for Canadian Living & Homemakers Choice:

ballerina flats.

in black or a trendy colour. They look great with all outfits and are also comfortable.

• Ingrie Williams, freelance stylist for Canadian Living & Homemakers choice:

wrap dress or an empire-waisted dress.

These dresses have simple shapes made with casual fabrics that are perfect for everyday wear. As well, the style brings attention to a woman's attributes such as her waistline, bust, and neckline, while deflecting from potential 'problem' areas.

• Shannon Johnson's, public relations manager for Winners choice:

black patent boots.

. These boots will go with everything from a pencil skirt to denim pants for the weekend.

• David Clemmer's, owner and CEO of Judy Inc, and wardrobe consultant for W Network's Style by Jury choice:

the body shaper.

This under garment helps all women, whether they are a size 2 or size 20 and it makes a woman look great in any outfit.

• Amy Lu Cameron's, stylist, for Judy Inc choice:

1950's floral-print sheath dress.

Cameron chose the sheath because the style makes a woman's figure look fabulous. When keeping one's hair and makeup both current and natural, this dress will always appear in style.

• Kurt Salt's, stylist for Judy Inc choice:

neck scarf.

. Neck scarves are very trendy right now, and the materials used to create them are more interesting and detailed than in the past. A woman can wear a scarf with anything, and give it an entire new 'look'.

• Laura Minquini's,stylist, for Judy Inc, choice:

Miu Miu heels.

The rounded toe shape and four inch heel of the Miu Miu shoe remains a modern, popular shoe shape. These shoes are great for dress up, or dress down, casual with jeans.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak BY: Lezah Williamson

For our recent trip to Europe, I went out and bought a LOT of books. I figured, with a nine hour flight, that I'd have lots of time on my hands. As it turns out, however, I spent most of the trip flicking between the generous selection of on-board movies and the 'where are we now' channel. My books were left unread and unloved...

However, by the trip home, they hadn't changed the movies, so I started reading I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. It took me a couple of chapter to figure out that it was set in Australia. The language that was used seemed more British than North American, but something was not quite right... Anyway, the feeling of disorientation ended when I discovered just where and when the story was set.

It starts off with Ed Kennedy, a 19 year old (underage) taxi driver. He thwarts a bank robbery, and in the process, becomes a momentary minor celebrity in his town. The hoopla dies down fairly quickly, but then he has a strange delivery: four aces, with addresses and times written on the back of the cards. The addresses don't mean anything to him, but his job as a taxi driver gives him the means by which to visit each of these sites at the appropriate time. What he sees determines his path: he is to right the wrongs that he sees.

However, Ed doesn't feel like a hero (in spite of his earlier bank robbery apprehension); but something inside of him doesn't let him walk away from the task at hand.

This book, that is alternately whimsical, violent, and inspiring, won the 2003 Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award. I thought, however, that the depiction of violence (which can be pretty brutal in some scenes) and dysfunction could be a little too graphic for some of the more gentle readers out there. Ed is, after all, a 19 year old - you couldn't really expect this book to be a good read for the average 10 year old.

But for those of us who are drifting and directionless, or who happen to be a little more mature, I strongly recommend this book.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert By: Lezah Williamson

Eat, Love, Pray (Viking, 2006) is a huge seller: currently #5 on the USA Today Best Seller list, it has spent 54 weeks on that list, eight weeks of which were spent in the #1 slot. The book has sold 4.4 million paperback copies, and just under 200,000 in hardcover. Eat, Love, Pray has been heavily pushed by Oprah, but has had a surprisingly polarizing effect on readers across North America.

In short, you either love it or you hate it.

Eat, Love, Pray is about the spiritual journey writer Elizabeth Gilbert takes to the three 'I's: Italy, India and Indonesia. The pilgrimage is an attempt to reclaim her life (and her sanity) after a traumatic divorce.

Subtitled One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Bali, the book chronicles the four months she spent in Italy learning the Italian language and eating her way through her pain; the four months she spent at an Ashram in India with a guru, working on her spiritual side, and her final four months in Bali, where she continued on with her spiritual quest, and ultimately found love.

The book has alternately been described as intelligent, self-indulgent, soul searching, self-absorbed, and self-deprecating. It set off a firestorm when New York Post book reviewer Maureen Callahan described the book in an article entitled, Latest Self Help Bestseller Proves Faith is Blind as one of "Western fetishization of Eastern thought and culture, and laments that "readers are using Eat, Pray, Love as ... an excuse to have that extra glass of wine, and as a license to abandon all critical thinking." She further goes on to state that the book is "assured in its answers to existential dilemmas that have confounded intellects greater than (Gilbert's). You may be a well-off white woman, but if you are depressed, the answer can be found in the East, where the poor brown people are sages. Gilbert's nearly toothless ...medicine man often doesn't recognize her, and her medicine woman nearly hustled her out of $18,000, but these are inconvenient details her worshipful fans ... disregard."

So there you have it in a nutshell: Gilbert, a very successful writer, who apparently has it all (a loving husband, a house in the country, an apartment in Manhattan, a high-paying job that allows her to travel the world) hits thirty and decides she doesn't want to be married anymore. Note that she is the one who opts out of the marriage; the trauma of her divorce comes about because her husband, who loves her, is unwilling to just pack it in on a whim. Gilbert's trauma was all of her own making - that's the part that stuck in my craw the most.

The rest of what happened (her decidedly minor troubles adjusting to the Italian culture, her troubles adjusting to the silences and serious study required at the ashram, her troubles understanding and dealing with the people she met in Bali) were also of her own making, but at least those she managed to overcome.

I guess what strikes me the most is that I wonder just how far she's actually come: first, she gets out of a good relationship only, at the end of the book, to get into a good relationship. Seems rather circular to me.

Dr. Who at Earl's Court By: Lezah Williamson

Dr. Who.

My brother used to watch this show years ago, and although he liked to laugh at the cheesy costumes and the cheap sets, he still found himself tuning in, week after week.

We have an acquaintance who is such as fan of the show that he legally changed his name to Who. This is no joke. I do get a lot of mileage out of it, however: he dog-sat for us when we were away recently, so when people asked us who was looking after the dogs, I could say, "That's right! Who is looking after our dogs!"

Ha ha ha. That one cracks me up.

Well, Dr. Who is still on the air, although the actor who plays the doctor has changed quite a few times. As well, Dr. Who has recently spawned a couple of spinoffs that Dave is fond of, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.

Dave's friends Ian (writer for The Simpsons) and Pia (co-creator and illustrator for Y The Last Man) were recently doing a book-signing in Germany; they stopped in London on their way home and took in the Dr. Who Show that was at Earl's Court. Apparently there are places in England when you can go and get your picture taken in a Tardis replica (the police call box that he uses to move from place to place).

Anyway, next time you're in London, you might just want to stop by Earl's Court: there's a tardis right there on your right as you come out of the Earl's Court Tube Station.

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Morrissey New single by Lezah Williamson

Morrissey has a new single coming out, but it will be a UK-only release. Due out May 19, it will kick off Morrissey's 2008 European tour, where he is the headliner at the O2 Wireless Festival July 4; there will also be a first time ever appearance in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 29.

A new album is in the works for the fall.

Watch for appearances on Late Night with Craig Ferguson, April 28 and 29.

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Give It a Name 2008 by Lezah Williamson

Earl's Court

On the May 10-12 weekend, there will be a huge concert at Earl's Court.

Earl's Court is one of the 'big three' arenas in London (I've heard it also described by some as their 'least favourite of the big three arenas in London').

Whatever the case, it turns out that there will be a huge revolving show case of bands at this particular show. Take your pick from 30 Seconds to Mars, Billy Talent, Plain White Ts, Finch, Paramore, Anti-Flag, Silverstein, Glassjaw, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, The Colour Fred, Envy on the Coast, and too many others to list.

Glassjaw image from

Destroyer Kicks off Tour by Lezah Williamson

Minneapolis, Apr. 16/08

Vancouver's own Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer) kicks off his latest tour tonight in Minneapolis at Bar 400. From there, it looks to be a non-stop rock-'til-you-drop schedule, with Bejar hitting the East Coast, winding his way over to the mid-west, then down south, and ending up in the Pacific Northwest at the Sasquatch Festival in George, Washington (May 24); the final date of the tour is May 31 at the Commodore in Vancouver.

Bejar is a hot favourite around my house. In the words of pitchforkmedia, in his wordy little way, Dan Bejar does slay live. I know that I'm looking forward to the show!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Inspired Ideas: Speaker Series By Lezah Williamson

Visit SwanktrendzWade Davis and Susan Aglukark

Inspired Ideas is the first installment of a series being hosted by the City of Surrey at the Bell Centre for the Performing Arts in 2008.

On April 9, Wade Davis, Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society, will be speaking.


Wade is a native of BC and a graduate of Harvard University; he has a PhD in ethnobotany and holds degrees in anthropology and biology. Wade is also an accomplished author, having published over 140 scientific and popular papers on a variety of subjects, and was the host of Discovery Channel's Earth guide.

On April 30, you can hear Susan Aglukark, an award-winning Aboriginal singer-songwriter.

Tickets are available here.

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John Butler Trio - Concert Review by: Terry Lowe

Commodore Ballroom, Apr 12, 2008 - Sold Out

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Live Nation Listings

An email from Christine instructed me to meet her in front of the Commodore at 10 p.m. to see the John Butler Trio. "Who's the John Butler Trio?" I wondered, turning to Google.

I soon found that they are a platinum-selling band from Australia, best known for wide-ranging, eclectic, and somewhat improvised stage shows. Their best known release to date is 2003's Sunrise Over Sea. I also saw many plaintive queries on various message boards asking "Where can I get a ticket for this show? I NEED a ticket!" and so forth.

Here's what we saw: a giant drum set, a standup (i.e. acoustic) bass, and an amplified acoustic guitar. They were joined occasionally by a keyboard player, and I was certain there was a second electric guitarist in the background, but was informed it was a guitar tuning tech.

The word "trio" is usually reserved for jazz ensembles, and there were some similarities here: the upright-bass player, who also played a standard electric bass guitar, at times played his acoustic bass with a bow; they played extended instrumental pieces; and the musical range was all over the map. There, though, the similarities ended.

They are very good musicians, far more instrumentalists than singers/"rock stars" who revel in mixing and matching genres and making it work. They are very versatile, imaginative, and well-rehearsed. John Butler is a superb string player (who also plays a banjo), and can coax an amazing range of sounds from an amplified 12-string acoustic guitar. The drummer was also very good, and even had a Jamaican steel drum that he played with pom-pons. And the bass player stood there and held it all together, as good bass players should.

The audience was thoroughly familiar with the material, even if I wasn't, and they loved it. This band is definitely original, and I was left wishing I'd known more about them going in (there's always time to learn), and was puzzled by the crowds' reaction at times.

I've been to any number of jazz shows over the years, and seen some famous players (Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Frank Zappa, and even Captain Beefheart). I've also been to classic punk shows and seen The Clash, Iggy Pop, DOA, and so forth. At jazz shows, the audience applauds solos, but there's no mosh pit and no one EVER pogos. At the punk shows, no one cared about solos ("Wankers!"), or even cared much about music - there it was all rebellious attitude.

Here, the crowd's reaction was a strange merger of the two. They both applauded the solo instrumental and pogo'd. I've never seen anything quite like it. And, outside of jazz shows, I'd never seen any band sit down and play an instrumental piece (Ocean) that went on for 15 minutes, and keep the crowd's attention.

Image from

I was very impressed by this band, and admire their virtuosity and originality. If you're as clueless as I am about under-the-radar musicians, the John Butler Trio might just be the best band you've never heard of.

Members of the band are: John Butler, Michael Barker, Shannon Birchall

Thanks to Aaron for supplying the following set list:
Company Sin
Used To Get High
Somethings Gotta Give
Treat Your Mama
Thank You
Gov Did Nothing
Good As Gone
Groovin' Slowly
Good Excuse
Losing You w/Mama Kin
Better Than
Funky Tonight

MudSun Mine The Gap - CD Review By Shane Christensen

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Fans of Baba Brinkman will be pleased to discover his new five song EP that includes U.K. rapper Dizraeli, as well as a typically impressive offering from up and coming Vancouver star Aaron Nazrul, who is proving to be a musical jack of all trades.

The collaborative effort goes by the name of MudSun, and this latest production continues to mix intelligence with humour and sarcasm, and also includes relevant political and/or social commentary at the same time.

My musical sensibilities are all over the place, but hard rock and alternative would undeniably be considered my favourite genre. But in saying that, I’m not one of those rockers who loathes or belittles rap. In fact, I tip my hat to some of the rock bands in the past who have included snippets of this musical genre in their productions, because it shows an appreciation for other artists and their craft. And make no mistake my fellow rocker friends, rap can be a craft as far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s done in a manner that is not offensive to any particular group, specifically women.

And because I find this type of mutual respect collaboration interesting and even cool, it is the fusionary rock/rap song Fried Rice that is my favourite offering on this disc. I have the upmost respect for Aaron Nazrul’s musical abilities, and he only reinforces these feelings with this hard rocking/rapping gem that literally throbs through your speakers and subwoofer. Without a doubt, this is the gem on the disc and it’s one of those songs that makes you want to go out and buy the album without even hearing any of the other songs.

But in this case, you won’t be disappointed with the rest of the offerings that include the title track Mine The Gap, which is a perfect example of the before-mentioned art of mixing humour and sarcasm with social commentary, as it muses poetically about the state of the British publics' attitudes towards contemporary Islam and the threat of homegrown terrorism.

How It Is , Tongue N Groove, and Louder are the other songs on a disc filled with a sincere energy and enthusiasm that is obvious to the listener.

So if you’d like to sample a bit of MudSun for yourself, you can see what I’m talking about by checking out their myspace site at the following link, where all five songs from this impressive EP are featured.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nevado Recording Studio adds its name to Ontario's Indie Music Scene

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Canada needs to stop looking elsewhere for "engineering technicians" to mix our music and "producers" to edit, produce and critique the album. The studio talent is here, in Canada's own back yard! It's time to thoroughly wash your blinds and look out your windows.

Images from Nevado's site

Nevado Records recently issued a press release to announce Nevado's online site is up and running, and available to en for any fans of this latest addition to the Canadian indie music scene.

Presently, Nevado's site links back to their page, but we assume this temporary residence on myspace is until that havethey put the finishing touches on their main site.

Elephant Image

Nevado's record label stable currently holds the bands: Bass Lions, Elephant, Fox Jaws, and Reilly. (Elephant's songs appear to be receiving the highest download hits, whereas Bass Lions is making itself known to the UK and its media.)

Bass Lions

Check out Nevado's site and support our Canadian indie music scene.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

CTV: The Canadian Juno Awards, April 6, 2008 By Christine Albrecht

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I was reading through all of the nominees this last week when I became 'aware' of what I was doing. I have never cared enough about the Juno Awards (Canada's equivalent of The United States' Grammy Awards) to fully read an article about nominations, let alone attempt to predict outcomes.

Either I am getting older, or Canadian talent is becoming better and more numerous; enough so that the Juno Awards have become an event that is actually anticipated and discussed among musicians. I became interested in the Juno's during the '90's, but only long enough to tune in and watch the Group of the Year or Album of the Year distributions. And to readers whom assume I watched American musical award (albeit suspicious) shows - not so. I disdained both countries' music awards' equally.

Fast forward to current Canadian talent and who isn't impressed with Canada's musical contributions over the years? Canada still behind when it comes to officially recognizing our own artistic merits, but it will happen, eventually. We are simply inept at recognizing homegrown talent until somebody (out of country) takes notice of our brood. If that 'somebody' happens to be The United States, Canada becomes alarmed and distraught with the idea that a Canadian artist would actually want to emigrate. Imagine, leaving a country filled with disdain, for one filled with adoration - who knew? If only some wonderful American (with both power and leadership) would finally declare The Tragically Hip to be Canada's version of R.E.M., but a thousand times better, TTH would be surfing cash waves alongside Nickelback.

An aside there - WHERE is The New Pornographers' nomination (along with a specific mention of Myriad Harbour - hands down a best music video nomination)? Did management forget to submit The New Pornographers' name for consideration? As well, may I receive an explanation as to why The Bedouin Soundclash is categorized as 'Pop' music?

I assume the Juno Award selection process works similar to the Academy Awards in that an artists' peers and associates within the music industry will be the ones to cast the ballots. Par usual, I have random thoughts and questions about The Juno's decisions. The peer voting appears to be a respectable enough process, but I often wonder why an individual, or a band, must first pay their dueswithin the music business before being nominated for, or receiving, a "Best of..." Juno? Can't a band be nominated if they are relative newcomers, say... only one to two years on the tour circuit before they get signed to a label? Why can't this new'ish band, especially if their album is undeniably outstanding, immediately pass all 'due process' lineups and head straight for Album of the Year, or Group of the Year? May a young band win both the Best Newcomer award as well as the Group of the Year award? Now there would make for an exciting show!

Why must a rock-styled band be recognized by labels, media and public before they are allowed the New Group of the Year tag? (Which is laughable at best as some of the nominees are decidedly not new looking.) Meanwhile, if you are nominated for the Jazz or International/ World category, you need only be recognized by a handful of people and you are as good as in. Why? Final question - Must a band be signed by some form of a label in order to be considered for a Juno? What's the difference between "Alternative" and "Adult Alternative"? These are the everyday, regular Christine's-too-lazy-to-research ponderances.

But, I digress... here are some of Juno's 2008 nominations in selected categories. The Junos will be presented tomorrow night, April 6th, in Calgary, Alberta. (Watch on TV on CTV) Christine's predictions? I am pretty sure that Feist will be taking home her weight in Juno awards, and deservedly so. (My goodness, I'm a Canadian who both acknowledges and admires her Canadian peers' talents...? Scandalous!

You may view all nominees:Here:

(All of the following nominees qualify as 'winners' in my eyes because it is impressive that they managed to get their names known enough to be nominated. It's well known that Canadian music lovers are loathe to acknowledge brilliance in their back yard. Rather, our music industry is notorious for ignoring, invalidating and negating its own talent). But as Bob Dylan once sang, "The times they are a'changin'."

Here are my favoured categories with their nominees:


Avril Lavigne J/RCA * SONY BMG

Celine Dion SONY BMG

Claude Dubois Zone 3 * Select

Michael Bublé Reprise * Warner

Nelly Furtado Geffen * Universal


Girlfriend Avril Lavigne J/RCA * SONY BMG

1234 Feist Arts&Crafts * EMI

Paralyzer Finger Eleven Wind-Up * Warner

Seven Day Fool Jully Black Jully Black Entertainment * Universal

Everything Michael Bublé Reprise * Warner


Lost Highway Bon Jovi Island * Universal

The Dutchess Fergie Interscope * Universal

Noël Josh Groban Reprise * Warner

Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna Def Jam * Universal

Timbaland Presents Shock Value Timbaland Def Jam * Universal


Duets: Friends and Legends Anne Murray EMI

The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne J/RCA * SONY BMG


D’elles Céline Dion SONY BMG

Taking Chances Celine Dion SONY BMG

The Reminder Feist Arts&Crafts * EMI

Call Me Irresponsible Michael Bublé Reprise * Warner


Avril Lavigne J/RCA * SONY BMG

Celine Dion SONY BMG

Feist Arts&Crafts * EMI

Michael Bublé Reprise * Warner

Pascale Picard Zone 3 * DEP/Universal


Arcade Fire Merge * FAB

Blue Rodeo WEA * Warner

Finger Eleven Wind-Up * Warner

Hedley Universal

KaïnDisques Passeport * DEP


Belly CP * Fontana North

Jeremy Fisher Aquarius * EMI


Jill Barber Baudelaire * Outside

Justin NozukaCoalition * Warner

Serena Ryder EMI

Suzie McNeil Curve * Universal


Dragonette Mercury * Universal

Faber Drive 604 * Universal

ill Scarlett SONY BMG

State of Shock Cordova Bay * Fontana North

Wintersleep Labwork * Sonic Unyon/EMI


Avril Lavigne

Daniel Bélanger


Joel Plaskett

Rufus Wainwright


Moments That Matter Aaron Lines Outside The Lines * Fontana North

Honkytonks And Heartaches Gord Bamford Royalty Records


Kicking Stones Johnny Reid Open Road * Universal

Risk Paul Brandt Brand-T * Universal

Life Is Calling My Name Shane Yellowbird 306 Records * KOCH


Small Miracles Blue Rodeo WEA * Warner

Goodbye Blue Monday Jeremy Fisher Aquarius * EMI

Chrome Dreams II Neil Young Reprise * Warner

Release The Stars Rufus Wainwright Geffen * Universal

No Stranger Tom Cochrane Sky Is Falling * Universal


Neon BibleArcade Fire Merge * FAB

LP Holy Fuck Young Turks * Select

Close To Paradise Patrick Watson Secret City * Fusion III

The Con Tegan and Sara MapleMusic * Fontana North

Welcome To The Night Sky Wintersleep Labwork * Sonic Unyon/EMI


Duets: Friends & Legends Anne Murray EMI

Street Gospels Bedouin Soundclash Dine Alone * Universal

Taking Chances Celine Dion SONY BMG

The Reminder Feist Arts&Crafts * EMI

Call Me Irresponsible Michael Bublé Reprise * Warner


Them Vs. You Vs. Me Finger Eleven Wind-Up * Warner

Hospital Music Matthew Good Universal

The Lucky Ones Pride Tiger EMI

Underclass Hero Sum 41 Aquarius * EMI

The Saint Alvia Cartel The Saint Alvia Cartel Stomp * Warner


Destination Moon Deborah Cox Decca * Universal

The Very Thought of You Emilie-Claire Barlow Empress * Fusion III

Holly Cole Holly Cole Alert * Universal

Days Like These Michael Kaeshammer Alert * Univeral

Make Someone Happy Sophie Milman Linus * Universal


D’elles Céline Dion SONY BMG

L’homme qui me ressemble Damien Robitaille Audiogram * Select

L’échec du matériel Daniel Bélanger Audiogram * Select

De retour à la source Isabelle Boulay Audiogram * Select

Vers à soi Jorane Tacca * Select


This is Daniel Cook. Here We Are! Daniel Cook and Friends * KOCH

Gonna Keep Dancing Eddie Douglas Fat Flea Music * CD Baby

Music Soup Jen Gould Independent

Superstars The Doodlebops Cookie Jar Ent. * Universal

Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf Windsor Symphony Orchestra Independent


Rameau Keyboard Suites Angela Hewitt Hyperion * SRI

Bach Cello Suites Jean-Guihen Queyras Harmonia Mundi * SRI

Alkan Concerto for Solo Piano Marc-André Hamelin Hyperion * SRI

After Reading Shakespeare Matt Haimovitz Oxingale * KOCH

Shostakovich: Complete Works for Piano Trio/Silvestrov: Postlude DSCH The Gryphon Trio Analekta * Select


The Revolution Belly CP * Fontana North

The FEWturistic Brassmunk EMI

Memoirs Of A Playboy JDiggz Maxamus * KOCH

Port Authority Marco Polo Soulspazm/Rawkus * red ink

The Old Prince Shad Black Box * Fontana North


Building Full Of Blues FATHEAD Electro-Fi * Festival

High Country Blues Harrison Kennedy Electro-Fi * Festival

Blues Thing Jack de Keyzer blue star * Festival

Junction City Little Miss Higgins Independent * Festival

A Lesson I’ve Learned The Johnny Max Band Pour Soul * CD Baby


Agua Del Pozo Alex Cuba Caracol * Festival

So The Journey Goes Autorickshaw Tala-Wallah Festival

Jogo Da Vida Celso Machado CBC Records * Universal

Frontiers Jesse Cook EMI

Wanderlust Kiran Ahluwalia Time Square * Fusion III


Bob Rock CALL ME IRRESPONSIBLE – Michael Bublé Reprise


Joni Mitchell SHINE – Joni Mitchell Hear Music/Concord * Universal

Kevin Churko (co-producer Ozzy Osbourne) BLACK RAIN Ozzy Osbourne Epic * SONY BMG


Skratch Bastid SITUATION – Buck 65 WEA * Warner


Felix Wittholz (Director/Designer/Illustrator) BUCK 65 WEA * Warner

Jeff Harrison (Director/Designer/Illustrator); Clinton Hussey (Photographer)VONNEGUT DOLLHOUSE Independent

John Cook (Director/Photographer); Mark Buchner (Director/Designer); Greg Bennett (Photographer) PAUL REDDICK NorthernBlues * Festival

Mathieu Houde (Director); Simon Rivest (Designer); Catherine Lepage (Designer/Illustrator); Mathieu Doyon (Photographer) 2X2 PIERRE LAPOINTE Audiogram * Select

Tracy Maurice (Director/Designer); François Miron (Photographer)


Neon Bible Vincent Morriset ARCADE FIRE Merge * FAB


Walls Fall Down Marc Ricciardelli BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH Dine Alone * Universal

C’mon Christopher Mills BLUE RODEO Warner

Shaketramp Kyle Davison MARIANAS TRENCH 604 * Universal

Cheer It On Sean Wainsteim TOKYO POLICE CLUB Paper Bag * Universal