Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nevado Recording Studio adds its name to Ontario's Indie Music Scene

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Canada needs to stop looking elsewhere for "engineering technicians" to mix our music and "producers" to edit, produce and critique the album. The studio talent is here, in Canada's own back yard! It's time to thoroughly wash your blinds and look out your windows.

Images from Nevado's site

Nevado Records recently issued a press release to announce Nevado's online site is up and running, and available to en for any fans of this latest addition to the Canadian indie music scene.

Presently, Nevado's site links back to their page, but we assume this temporary residence on myspace is until that havethey put the finishing touches on their main site.

Elephant Image

Nevado's record label stable currently holds the bands: Bass Lions, Elephant, Fox Jaws, and Reilly. (Elephant's songs appear to be receiving the highest download hits, whereas Bass Lions is making itself known to the UK and its media.)

Bass Lions

Check out Nevado's site and support our Canadian indie music scene.

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