Monday, April 04, 2011

None Share by Lannon McGregor

She cuts her skin,
With a razor, so thin
To bleed out all the pain...
which hides inside,
and won't subside,
'til she cuts herself again.

She demonstrates,
a luv for hate,
with words scratched into her arm.
Those words she chose,
Changed as often as clothes,
But they continue to spell out harm.

Nobody felt,
She could love herself,
So why should she even try?
They called her strange,
Tried to blame her age,
While missing the beauty she hides.

Sky Train by Lannon McGregor

I hit the Main Vein Sky Train,
where the public's plague is spreading.
Packed like sardines,
In Electric Death cars -
Downtown bound.

Changin' Lane Season Lannon McGregor

The new months eyes may seem wide,
But they stare backwards to the past.
In no year, I confide...
moves along too fast.
'Cause no day can last a month,
And no month can last a year.
So bring on Autumn's slump,
And Winter's frosted cheer.

Emo Kid by Lannon McGregor

Emo Kid
With a head full of angst
Tries to tell me he aint' got no one to thank;
Painted nails in a fistful of colours.
Looks so different, just like all the others.

Image from all4myspace