Monday, July 27, 2009


Here's to her,
That brown eyed girl.
The one who stole my heart.

The times we had,
The good, the bad,
Was a memorable piece of art.

Neither Da Vinci's Code,
Nor Michaelangelo,
Could create a greater masterpiece.

So i'll sit and wait,
For that special day,
When you finally draw it for me.

one love

Insomniac By Lannon McGregor

On my back, the ceilings cracks,
Taunting me with their numbers.
And even on my side, I still can’t find
Comfort under the covers.
Every creek and faucet leak,
Leaving me wide awake;
I just want to dream, so kill me please,
'Cause this is more than I can take!
My eyes are red in this sleepless bed.
As the dawn invites the sun,
It’s rest I chase at a zombie pace,
In a race that night has always won.