Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monkey Trick Songs for the Lost CD Review (By: Ian Albrecht)

Songs For the Lost – CD notes by: Ian Albrecht

I would give Monkey Trick’s CD, Songs for the Lost an overall 8/10. Its mixing misses in a couple of songs, losing sight of the tune’s lyrical significance by drowning either the vocals, or the guitars. That being said, poor mixing rarely happened, and when you combine the band’s killer drumming, attention grabbing guitar, and vocals that exceed any expectations; I predict Monkey Trick has officially begun its rise to musical dominance.

The CD’s title does the song tracks justice. There is a song on Monkey Trick’s CD for every listener out there. The album dares you to stay loyal to one genre. By the end of the CD, you’ll find your loyalty’s slightly schizophrenic.

Here’s a list of some of the songs I consider 'winners' on this CD. Swanktrendz’s rule of thumb is “If the CD has at least 3 ‘keeper’ tunes, buy it. If not, pass it by.” Given the following six recommendations I've made, it’s time to get your wallets out.

The CD opens with Lights and Tunnels (7.5/10), a track whose sound is reminiscent of R.E.M’s Losing my Religion. The drumming consistently unifies the sound, however, the guitars are a bit jangly (exception to the solo), and the bass is not even noticeable. Vocals are as impassioned as the lyrics intended.

Song 2, Scars (9/10), is a keeper. Its dark lyrics will appeal to the alternative-type listeners, although I've still not decided its genre (and who needs labels, anyways?). The vocal and drumming intensity complement each other, making this one of two perfect release songs for media promotion.

Song 4 Suits N’ Alcohol (8/10) highlights how Monkey Trick has a talent for starting their songs with a musical opening that says, “Hey! Pay attention!” The lyrics subconsciously urge you to take inventory of your life. For some reason I was reminded of Buckcherry’s sound. Again – yet another song that is different from our force-fed radio pablum.

Song 6 Pendulum Swing (8.5/10) Excellent guitar riff at the beginning, then delves into a solid marriage between the guitars and drums. Add amazing vocals and lyrics and it’s a tune that sticks in your head.

Song 9 The Expedition (9.5/10) By far, this is my favourite song on the CD. The mixing was done to perfection. As I was enjoying the entire band’s contribution to this track, I was pushed even further by a solo that came out of nowhere. I’ll never tire of this song – definitely a keeper and also made for media promotion.

Song 11 Enjoy the Silence (8.5/10) This track is an excellent cover of Depeche Mode’s original. In fact, I’d venture to say I prefer it to DM. Sacrilegious, I know.

Who is Monkey Trick? Time to find out for yourself. Go to their site, visit them on Youtube, and then vote for them on Alternative Addiction’s Next Big Thing.

I’d have to say that I am most impressed with the band’s songwriting ability. It’s enough to have musical talent, but as a studio head once said to Swanktrendz, “You can always help train a band to sound better, but if a band can write their own songs, they’re worth signing.”

You can buy their CD on their site; support these up and coming bands. Buy, don’t just download!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Swimmer BY: Lannon McGregor

I'll swim Autumn's seas,

‘til my skin’s biting numb;

I'll leave behind the trees...

and what the world’s become.

I’ll say goodbye to family,

to friends and enemies;

I’ll put everything behind me...

‘til it’s me against the sea.

Let the city go.

It can rot for all I care.

Along with stuff that people bought,

from apathetic millionaires.

My arms will soon grow tired...

and ya, I'll probably sink. 

But I'll be free from all defilers,

adrift in my utopic drink.