Wednesday, April 23, 2008

8 Need-to-Own Fashion Items From Canada's Fashion Insiders By: Christine Albrecht

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Canadian fashion 'insiders' were asked to share their all-time favourite fashion items. See article: here.

Here are the eight pieces that the fashionistas settled upon.

Karen Kwinter's Editor (Canadian Living & Homemakers ) Choice:

satchel-style black leather handbag.

It's something that will never go out of style. It provides an immediate upgrade to anything worn (with exception to evening wear).

Jessica Ungerman's assistant style-editor for Canadian Living & Homemakers Choice:

ballerina flats.

in black or a trendy colour. They look great with all outfits and are also comfortable.

• Ingrie Williams, freelance stylist for Canadian Living & Homemakers choice:

wrap dress or an empire-waisted dress.

These dresses have simple shapes made with casual fabrics that are perfect for everyday wear. As well, the style brings attention to a woman's attributes such as her waistline, bust, and neckline, while deflecting from potential 'problem' areas.

• Shannon Johnson's, public relations manager for Winners choice:

black patent boots.

. These boots will go with everything from a pencil skirt to denim pants for the weekend.

• David Clemmer's, owner and CEO of Judy Inc, and wardrobe consultant for W Network's Style by Jury choice:

the body shaper.

This under garment helps all women, whether they are a size 2 or size 20 and it makes a woman look great in any outfit.

• Amy Lu Cameron's, stylist, for Judy Inc choice:

1950's floral-print sheath dress.

Cameron chose the sheath because the style makes a woman's figure look fabulous. When keeping one's hair and makeup both current and natural, this dress will always appear in style.

• Kurt Salt's, stylist for Judy Inc choice:

neck scarf.

. Neck scarves are very trendy right now, and the materials used to create them are more interesting and detailed than in the past. A woman can wear a scarf with anything, and give it an entire new 'look'.

• Laura Minquini's,stylist, for Judy Inc, choice:

Miu Miu heels.

The rounded toe shape and four inch heel of the Miu Miu shoe remains a modern, popular shoe shape. These shoes are great for dress up, or dress down, casual with jeans.

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