Saturday, October 27, 2007

And this is Where the Similarity Ends: Chris Albrecht VS Christine Albrecht By Christine Albrecht

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May, 2007: Time Warner Inc. today announced that the Company and Chris Albrecht have agreed that he will no longer serve as chairman and CEO of Home Box Office, effective immediately.

Sheesh - trust me to have a name similar to this guy. For those of you who have asked (and yes, there’s been a few) Chris Albrecht and I are not connected/ related/ or the same person.

Yes, I will promote some of Warner’s music (the label not Time Warner) and I promote Warner at my own free will. I am not paid or directed by anyone related to Warners. I receive music updates from a lot of music labels (Virgin, Capital, Universal, Wind-Up, 604 etc.) and post articles if I find them of interest.

Imagine my surprise at hearing about another Chris Albrecht who worked for Time Warner and he (please note that I am a she) had/has a horrible reputation in Hollywood. I don’t have the personality/ lack of mores/ or inclination to accumulate a horrible anything.

After finding an article from May, 2007, I finally realized who this ‘other’ Chris Albrecht was (the former Chairman and CEO of HBO). It appears this man has issues with women and alcohol and HBO has covered up his incidents since 1991! It was only when reporter Nikki Finke exposed Albrecht’s behaviours that his situation came to a head. Then HBO finally fired him. Sixteen years after the first allegation, but I suppose abuse of women does not provide the same knee jerk reaction as say... being involved in dog fights. Yep - if Chris Albrecht had been supporting illegal dog fights there would have been a public outcry and he would have been fired immediately.

So, once again and for the record, Chris Albrecht and I have nothing in common other than an unfortunate similarity in names.

A picture of Chris Albrecht NOT Christine Albrecht (I have more hair). Image from Deadline Hollywood.

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