Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Art of Michael Dunn: By Christine Albrecht

I came across an interesting art website and decided to contact the owner, Michael Dunn, to find out more.

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First of all, the website is called The moniker is appropriate as his studio has a creek entitled Enchanted Creek running through his property. His studio is also located on top of a few large boulders that overlook one of the creek’s small waterfalls.

Michael has lived there for over twenty years, working the land, building the studio, and creating his art.

He is the only artist to be profiled on his website, and he feels that overall, business is great. The last few years have been slow, probably due to the economical and political scene, but Dunn is confident things will pick up.

Michael feels that online art can only get better. Artists can sell their art directly to the clients at half the price the galleries would charge, and a larger audience can be reached. Another perk is that he can interact one to one with a client, thus creating a more customized piece.

Dunn’s site provides a variety of mediums to choose from: sculpture. jewellery. 2-D, photography, etc. The pieces profiled on his site are his personal favourites. Then he determines which items people are generally interested in, and showcases these pieces accordingly.

All in all, a good idea! There are many talented artists out there and I feel that online art shows make a lot of sense (in appealing to a larger clientele). The only downfall would be the client’s personal sensation of seeing a wonderful piece firsthand; observing it from every angle and determining the amount of detail involved. There’s always that little thrill that accompanies seeing outstanding art. However, this way of presenting art allows more people to own art, thus, being able to enjoy it at their leisure.

To see Michael’s work - go to:

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