Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A couple of things....By Sashi


Why in hell is the online edition of The Star In-Tech section soooo slow to update? The print edition is out today (Thursday, 16th June), but on the website the latest news is still a day old lah (as at 9.00 am)....


The Light & Easy Ultimate Ear Test. The cash prize now stands at a whopping RM 2900! When you consider the fact that the contest is held every weekday (Mon - Fri) from 8 am to 8.30 am, and that the prize money is incremented by RM 50 at the end of each day if the prize is not won, then you should get an understanding of the length of time that has gone by without anyone having gotten the right answer. But then again, most of the time I keep hearing people giving the same answers like hammer hitting nail on wood, etc.

RM 2900. I could do a lot with that, ya know....

Third. (ok, so it's not exactly a 'couple' of things anymore...)

Rio Ferdinand is still undecided about signing a new contract with Glazer's-the-Man United. Now I hear Cristiano Ronaldo's agent is angling for an improved contract too. The agent even dropped some hints about other big name clubs being interested in the Portuguese star. Is this a sign of things to come? Will the younger stars of the Red Devils, worried about the future stability and success of their club, begin considering a move to another team? No one wants to end up stuck in a Leeds United kind of situation, and maybe players might be forgiven for looking at other possibilities in case the Old Trafford dream caves in on them.


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