Friday, June 10, 2005

Concert Go'ers and Style by Christine

After a busy weekend, I finally settled down and went through my digital camera to pull some jpegs. In amongst my pixs, I found some basic dos and don’ts for concert wear. I will be the first to concur that attending a concert in your own chosen, unique attire is a must. Some concertgoers arrive in outfits intended to make a statement. Others opt for the comfort mode, and some for the generic ‘let’s blend in’ uniform. However, there are others who choose the “what the hell?” category of dress.

The swank dos of concert dress code would involve: unique, funky, fun. First glance is a quick snapshot of what you’re about at that given moment. Feel like dressing down? - throw on a hip jean jacket with ...... you fill in the blank. Just make sure clothing fits to give that put together feel without the effort. Avoid anything that detracts from you.

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The swank don’ts of concert dress code would involve: sleazy, ill fitting, socks with cute embroidery, mini skirts with too many folds, poofs, or anything else that just makes people take a second glance, but not in a good way. Get out there and declare your uniqueness, just don’t do it in an ill fitting potato sack with silk ribbons.

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