Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lambda Literary Awards by Rob Williams

Last Thursday, I'm happy to say, I also was the winner (along with all of the other wonderful folk in the anthologies) of TWO Lammies! that's the Lambda Literary Awards.  We won for:

Best Fiction Anthology: Fresh Men, New Voices in Gay Fiction (Carroll & Graf)

and  Best Non-Fiction Anthology: I Do/I Don't: Queers on Marriage (Suspect Thoughts Press)

Yay! I'm like the Teresa Wright of the Lammies this year (oh wait! she didn't win both but was nominated for two oscars in 1943-- best actress and best supporting actress which she won for Mrs. Miniver).

Friday day I went to BEA (book expo) and got a bunch of free books (even though Ted and I just purged books to make room in our apartment... sigh). and... and... saw John Waters signing books and... and... 50s movie idol Tab Hunter signing posters! (more on him in a few).

So then, of course, there were numerous book parties for Ted and myself to go to. notably the BIG one at writer David McConnell's marvelous apartment.  All the greats and near greats were there (including gay porn star and writer Aiden Shaw--- woof woof). I also met: lovely K.M. Soehnlein (aka Karl-- author of the new book with the great title: You Can Say You Knew Me When, and his adorable boyfriend Kevin. Also in attendance: Christopher Bram, Patrick Ryan, David Ebershoff, Manuel Munoz, Aaron Hamburger, Vestal McIntyre, cutie Aaron Krach, Derek McCormack, Michael Carroll, Brian Leung, Jon Barrett, Keith McDermott and Eric, sweet Tom Dolby, etc. etc.

Was such a fun time. even if I didn't get to talk to the porn star.

Saturday was yet another party (though Ted opted out of this one--he was too tired from BEA meetings). it was the Publishing Triangle 16th Anniversary. where I stood next to... Tab Hunter! Again! He's promoting his book. He looks great, by the way.-- funny, as much as I’m such a star gazer... I didn't really feel the need to go up and talk to him. Ah well.

But why was Joyce DeWitt (yes, of Three's Company fame) there? I mean, yeah, she looks great and God love her but is she part of the Tab Hunter posse? strange.

Aaron hamburger and I left the party fairly early and picked up some lovely parting gift bags (given to the first 140 guests). mine included... more books! (Aaron Krach's Half-Life, Allison Smith's Name All the Animals, and Stacey D'erasmo's A Seahorse Year). if I get any more books we're going to have to get rid of one of the cats!

(This is not book related but) after the party I went by myself to see "Kung Fu Hustle"-- holy cow! what a great fun movie. Go see it. I was breathless.

Then Ted finally got up from his  nap and we hung out at Florent with Vestal, K.M. Soehnlein and his adorably fun boyfriend, Kevin. (Note: K.M. is reading tonight--Monday, June 6, 6:30 PM.
McNally/Robinson Booksellers 52 Prince St. from his book)

Sunday Ted and I went Grocery shopping-- a fitting end to such a whirlwind week and weekend.


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