Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nardwuar's Video Vault by Lezah

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The recent Terminal City Festival finished up with a series of music videos, a documentary, stories and other memorabilia from the early punk era in Vancouver. Nardwuar, the Rainman of Vancouver rock, was his usual irrepressible self, full of tales, tidbits and tests (you had to pay attention - he would periodically quiz the audience).

A mini-documentary on the film 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains' was shown, which was by Sam Green and the late Sarah Jacobson (who recently died of ovarian cancer at age 32). Entitled 'Stains: Behind the Movie', the film gave us a behind the scenes look at the movie and the major players' 20/20 hindsight views of the movie. What struck me the most was that a) everyone involved in the production was so just excited about its release, yet b) ultimately, the film being shelved resulted in most of the people who were actually in the film never even getting to see it.

Following that was a series of videos; all footage was of Vancouver punk acts dating from late late '70s through to the mid '80s. Bands like DOA, Pointed Sticks, and the Subhumans were featured.

Next came Frank from the Independent Music Video tour (he takes this show all over the continent, apparently). Videos from current Vancouver indie acts such as Black Rice, Canned Hamm, Hot Hot Heat, Nasty On, Miaw and Nomeansno were featured.

The audience was comprised of both fans and individuals who have been involved in the scene over the years. There were musicians, photographers, writers, and even people who had been at the filming of 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains' (some had been extras in the film) twenty five years ago. But in the end, what was clear was that this scene is still as original, as strong and as vibrant now as it was back in its genesis.         

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