Friday, June 03, 2005

Censorship by the Political Heretic

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"How would you like if your son and daughter had to read this?" Miss Hunsicker asked.

Then she began to recite from "The Buffalo Tree," a novel set in a juvenile detention center and narrated by a tough, 12-year-old boy incarcerated there. What she read was a scene set in a communal shower, where another adolescent boy is sexually aroused.

"I am in the 11th grade," Miss Hunsicker said. "I had to read this junk."
Less than an hour later, by a unanimous vote of the board (two of its nine members were absent) "The Buffalo Tree" was banned, officially excised from the Muhlenberg High School curriculum. By 8:30 the next morning all classroom copies of the book had been collected and stored in a vault in the principal's office."
- from The New York Times

Okay, I don't know if teachers should have forced this book onto the reading list, but the overreaction is just too much. The school board could have removed the book from the reading list without banning it from the school library when they first considered this student’s (and parent's) request.

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