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Interview With Sam Breach from San Fransico

Sam Breach is from Becks & Posh online food critique

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Summer time and easy living wouldn't be complete without baseball and good eats. We've incorporated a crew of new SFist contributors to guide you through the good life in coming months.

Foodies! As we've been interviewing the new crop of SFist foodies we've noticed a foodie trend: they don't like burritos. We can't cite a systemic cause for foodie disdain of an SF staple, but we think Sam Breach's disdain might be attributed to her love of Marmite. That's right Marmite, the tasty yeasty distillation of meatiliciousness that is beloved by no one. Except those who carry a British passport.

Jokes about English food aside, Sam Breach has demonstrated that her love of Marmite has not totally addled her taste buds. As she leads the charge of eating through the city "A to Zed" (that's Z for those who aren't Anglophiles), Sam has proven that there may in fact be more to life than a good burrito. But not much.

Sam Breach

Introduce yourself in one sentence
A little piece of England displaced to California.

Age and Occupation
Hmm. By the time you read this, a momentous Birthday will have just snuck by. That would be my last birthday ever to begin with the figure 3. But I am not even going to start worrying about how old I am until I stop getting carded. I have the glamorous-sounding job of creating visual FX for major Hollywood Motion Pictures, but in reality I sit behind a computer and push buttons. (that's a very creative pushing of buttons, of course)

Home Town
Bristol, England, incidentally the birthplace of other cool things like Portishead , Massive Attack, Aardman, Cary Grant, imdb and Concorde.

How long have you lived in the Bay Area and Where?
How long do I have for this question? Total length of time in the USA four-and-a-half years divided like so: Starting in Terra Linda - because I had no choice (put up in provided corporate housing on arrival in the US), quickly moving to North Beach because, I hated Marin living and, hey, I was only one step up from a tourist. Next abode was closer to Polk because I liked the neighbourhood feel. Then, a move to the Mission was a disaster that only lasted 6 weeks before the hurried renting of a friend's perfect SoMa loft saved us from homelessness. 12 months later our SoMa bliss-bubble burst, when our landlord was made a whopping offer that he couldn't refuse on the apartment . So, again, we had to move on. Our current resting place is Dog Patch. I think I like it, plus it is within stumbling distance of The Ramp. Don't Drink and Drive.

BEST story EVER on SFist
Jim Leff pouncing on Ced's post about The Chowhound Guide to the Bay Area. I thought Ced held is own against the Big Dog with grace, style and cool-headedness.

BEST Picture on SFist
That one of Pamela Anderson, her charms covered by a dog? Maybe Pammie's hound is Jim Leff in disguise?

I wanted to be an SFist contributor because (besides the obvious fame and glory that would be mine):
Because jackson asked me so nicely, plus it was an interesting challenge for me to try and write upbeat restaurants reviews, in a prescribed style, without being my usual, negative self.

You should read my SFist posts because
Sometimes they can be quite delicious. On second thoughts, you probably actually shouldn't read them if you are hungry.

Favorite website
Google takes me just about every where I want to go plus they own my personal favourite and free time-wasting software: as well as Picasa.

Favorite dot com or local business
Again, Google for bringing me Blogger The Fatted Calf for a totally delicious, great local business.

What I'm currently Reading
Mistress Bradstreet, about America's first poet. It makes a change from a recipe book, but I am not sure if I am ready for something without any pictures of food just yet.

Best Deal in San Francisco
Darbar's Seekh Kebab at $2

Favorite mode of transportation
Luxor Cab . Don't drink and Drive.

Best Band or Musician to come out of the Bay Area
My friend Tori is crazy good at karaoke. I am pretty sure she was born in SF.

Favorite local hangout
Belden Lane. Outside dining all year round. Drink. Friends. Laughter. Atmosphere.

SF has the BEST:
collection of wonderful Food and WIne Bloggers in the whole, wide world. I am bummed I couldn't fit all of my favourites into this sentence. Visit Becks & Posh for a blog roll that includes all the others.

You've never lived in SF until:
You face up to the fact there is nowhere to hide. You can't go anywhere, in this village without bumping into someone you know.

Favorite Bay area politician of past or present:
It is not cuturally easy for me to undestand American politics. I am learning, slowly, very slowly, but the nuances often go over my head. It took me a while before I had enough guts to even admit I didn't have the foggiest what GOP stood for. Despite initial resistance from me towards him, I have to accept, Gavin appears to have some convictions. On the surface, at least. I sincerely hope they are more than skin deep. I think he's alright.

You can tell someone is a local here IF:
They call Luxor instead of Yellow.

SF would be soooo much better if only:
The cool English restaurant I have a vision for in my head actually existed, with me as its creative manager.

Best Burrito:
I don't like Burritos. They are too big for even me to put in my mouth. (And I can fit my whole fist in my gob, so that's saying something).

Best Restaurant:
Who knows? I simply can not declare a 'best' restaurant although I have a few personal favourites for different reasons. Ti Couz for a Crepe Complete, Oola for their sinful Ribs or Tabla in Larkspur for soups and salad. There are many more reasons I love many more other restaurants in the area although I simply can not bestow upon any of them the title of overall 'best'.

Best movie scene filmed in or about SF:
Just about anything Harold & Maude.

Favorite artist to come out of the bay area:
I bought a painting from this cute little art gallery on Folsom and 23rd. I am not sure if it is still there. It is a funky little place that has great live music on weekends and tango classes, too, I think. The painting, which was hanging for sale in their restroom, is called Vertical Chicken and is by an artist called Todd. I really love it.

Favorite author to come out of the bay area:
Please stop asking me these difficult cultural questions. I don't know.

Place you always tell visitors to check out:
Despite the dissenters, The Ferry Building and Farmer's Market. Sure, it's pricey, but most of my own guests are here with thick wedge of Sterling-flavoured lolly and to them everything is cheap, even a steak at Boulevard.

Favorite Bridge in the area:
The one that crosses the 280 on 18th. Whenever I'm on it, it means I am almost home and I can't wait to get there.

You have two hours and $15 bucks to kill in SF, what are you going to do?
Eat. Drink. Pretend to read. But really watch people.

I have found/sold/bought the following on craigslist:
I have bought a dining table , 5 grey, ex-military (?) chairs, and a scuffed up old stool which I love. I think that's it.

I want all the SFists out there to know:
English food isn't all bad.

Tell us a San Francisco Story:
I have an embarrassing story about being stuck in my pants. It happened when I was on vacation here in the late 90's, before I ever knew I'd actually be living here one day. You can read it here.

Question you'd ask if you were doing this interview:
Why do you prefer Luxor to Yellow?
Luxor are polite, friendly and mostly reliable, Yellow are rude, bad mannered and tardier than tardy.

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