Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hit Me Baby One More Time: By Lezah

The season finale of the summer's unexpected hit reality TV show ’Hit Me Baby One More Time'airs tonight on NBC.

Based on a successful British show and hosted by Vernon Kay (who is very, very tall!), 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' had only two episodes prior to wrapping up in tonight's final episode. Week one saw one-hit-wonders, has-been and old classic rock hit singers/bands: A Flock of Seagulls, Arrested Development, Cece Peniston, Loverboy and Tiffany (who was a winner of the UK show).

In week two, they had my personal faves The Knack along with Haddaway, Tommy Tutone, Vanilla Ice and The Motels.

Tonight's performance features Cameo, Howard Jones, Irene Cara, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Wang Chung.

For what it's worth, a couple of things occur to me when looking at those lists:

        1. many of these artists were from the '80s (which I consider a good thing)
        2. week two offered the best acts (again, a good thing)
        3. week three, the season finale, offers the weakest acts (not a good thing).

I'm guessing NBC didn't expect this show to be such a hit, or else they would have pulled together a few more episodes. This week I already saw week one in re-runs.

But, ultimately, it's all for a good cause. The winner of each episode gets $20,000 donated to the charity of his/her choice.

Again, the final episode is Thursday, June 12, on NBC 9/8 pm.

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