Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Progression of Home Decorating Shows: By Christine Albrecht

First there was ‘Trading Places’, ‘While you were Out’ and Debbie Travis’ ‘Facelift’. Reality TV then progressed to ’‘Designed to Sell' and ‘Buy this House’. But now reality renovation shows have moved on to a more ambitious angle: ‘The Million dollar project’, and Australia’s ‘The Block’. I am totally addicted to ‘The Block’ (on the Home & Garden channel). The premise is that four couples take a run down (and I do mean run down) four-plex in the Bondi area (very desirable as it is on the beach) and completely re-gut and renovate it. The couples each receive a unit and must totally renovate their individual apartment ($40,000 budget) with the hopes of selling their new space for the highest market price. They are now down to selecting realtors and putting their units on the market. I find the characters creative, entertaining, and thoroughly likable. Tomorrow night (June 23 @ 7:00 PMT) determines the end result. Tune in - it should be very entertaining.

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