Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mike's Musings - The Super Happy Pee Explosion

Thank you, little Asian girl, for taking the time to pee on the floor in the lobby of my workplace.

Just a few hours earlier I was thinking, man! what a beautiful day. I’d love to mop up a small golden puddle of fresh urine.

Oops, watch your sandals ma'am... that's urine.

And your mother, who knew full well what you were doing, when I looked up at her and she smiled at me, that just made my day. Really.

I'm glad you have a parent who allows you the freedom to spray piss wherever and whenever you feel like it.

I didn't have those opportunitites as a child; my parents would keep me in one of those little 'harnesses with the leash' deals when we went to public places.

But you, you're one happy little girl.
It's always superhappy-fun-pee-time for you!
Your mommy was even nice enough to laugh at me on her way out.
Hahaha. bye now. Haha.

I need a f**king raise in salary.

And a Swiffer.

And maybe an assistant.

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