Friday, June 10, 2005

Countdown to Infinite Crisis (or what does DC have against Keith Giffen?) By Kenn

This book was a good read. Okay, I said it. I couldn't resist the price and page count. Good writers. Solid artists. 80 pages for a buck. And it turned out to be a good read. The Blue Beetle got his props. Of course he's dead now so I don't know how much it all counts for. I'm not going to read anymore of this crossover, unless someone at DC wants to send all the books to me for free. No, I take that back. I wouldn't want to read it even then.

No, the real point of all of this is to ask why DC suddenly has a mad on for Keith Giffen and all the great work he's done with second string characters. Sue Dibny, raped then murdered. Booster Gold, broke and unemployed, then blown up and almost dead. Maxell Lord, gone round the bend and is a bad guy again. The Blue Beetle, dead. Seems like someone's got it in for Keith and the gang. Or maybe this is a twisted form of homage. Either way I'm not interested in going along for the whole ride.

For someone who doesn't remember the crew's great run on Justice League International and how it revitalized a dead, and I mean dead and in the grave, franchise, this is probably going to be a great crossover series. For those of us who do remember, it's just kind of sick and makes my stomach fell queasy.

Bring on The Defenders. I'm ready.

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