Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gallery Gachet by Lezah

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Gallery Gachet's 'Punk Assemblage Show' opened Friday, June 3rd. Boasting 'Rare Early Vancouver Punk Photos! Punk Paintings! Punk Sculptures!', I guess I was expecting something a bit less current. Many of the works on display were actually very recent - from 2005 - which is not to say that they were bad, just not what I had been expecting.   

This show is being curated by Zaneta St. Dennis and Todd Carpenter. There are a variety of artists involved in the show, including people like I, Braineater and Maddog. There was a wide range of mediums available for viewing, and the opening was quite well attended; at times it was difficult to negotiate your way around the room.

My favourite piece was one that was not for sale: displayed prominently in the middle of the room, an old and much personalized motorcycle jacket hung like Christ on the cross which had been created by Rob Jolivette.

This gallery makes a unique contribution to the community by providing exhibition space to artists with mental health issues.

The show runs from June 3 to 27 at the Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova. Look them up at http://ww.gachet.org.

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