Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wedding Crashers: By Lezah

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The other night we were heading into town to catch the last of the free ‘Concert in the Park’ series offered by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra when we encountered a horrendous traffic jam. After sitting in it for about 15 minutes - and making very little headway - we decided to abandon ship and jumped off the freeway at the next exit. Fortuitously, the exit we chose just happened to be the one on which the huge multiplex cinema is standing, and even better, I had a purse full of two-for-one movie tickets. Synchronicity!

Anyway, there were a few things playing that we debated over, but ultimately we decided on seeing what has been called this summer’s comedy blockbuster, ‘Wedding Crashers’. When you think of it, how can you go wrong with a team like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson? You can’t!

Now, this movie isn’t for everyone – rated R in the States and 14A in Canada, it’s certainly a movie that ain’t for kids or the uptight and crotchety - but that’s not you, of course. If you like your humour unabashedly bawdy, crude and debauched; if you revel in bad taste and don’t mind the occasional bare breast flashed at you, well, this is probably the movie for you.

Now, the comedic pairing of the brilliant Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who specializes in his own unique brand of rapid-fire delivery, is long overdue. They play two long-time friends who are employed as divorce mediators and who spend their free-time crashing weddings in order to partake in both the festivities and the favours of the female guests. Working under a set of rules handed down from a legendary swinger, the two pose as obscure relatives of the bride (or groom) to gain admittance and acceptance. They view women as prey, and follow the rules religiously – until the day they attend the wedding of the century.

There they are brought into the fold of a strange and dysfunctional Kennedy-esque family headed by Christopher Walken. In this role, unfortunately, Walken’s quirky weirdness is largely untapped but he still gives a great performance. From this point the film shifts from male-oriented sex fantasy to chick flick, but it works – somehow, it works.

Also starring Rachel McAdams with a brilliant cameo from Will Ferrell. Directed by David Dobkin, this movie is playing in theatres near you now.

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