Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Home Made English Muffins - Oh YES!

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By Becks & Posh

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You won't believe how easy this is!

For this post I am indebted to Barbara of Winos and Foodies who, a while back, wrote a post about how simple it is to make English Muffins. It's true - it's amazing! Check out her recipe here .

The good thing about non-live media is that you can edit out the bits you don't want anyone to see. Hence, when I wrote my Rachael Ray Post, I missed out the part where I was ill. I didn't mention that when I arrived at Liberty Cafe I had a splitting headache. I didn't share my idiotic response to the pain - which was to take a couple of my friend's Nurofen Plus containing Codeine, on an empty stomach. I kept quiet when my food arrived, because I had started shaking, my taste buds weren't working and I started to feel nauseous. Despite having my 'big' camera with me, I didn't even have the strength to take a photo, and I had to recycle a picture from a previous visit instead. Anyone reading yesterday's post had no idea, that I barely even looked at the food before having to leave the restaurant, where I promptly threw up over the side walk (as subtly as I could, of course). I had been so looking forward to that Eggs Florentine all week, but in the end I didn't even have the chance to eat it, let alone enjoy it. Instead I dashed home to spend all afternoon in bed recovering instead.

I was so miffed at missing out on my eggy muffin treat, I determined to make some at home on Sunday. It was then I remembered, in the back of my mind I had filed away a memory - a piece of information that recalled Barbara's English Muffin recipe where the mixture had to be made the night before. So that is how, sometime after midnight (and after a cocktail or two), I started making dough. Fred looked at me as if I was crazy. Well, yes, maybe I was. But, remember, this isn't bread, it's a muffin and the procedure is far more forgiving. I popped everything in the Kitchenaid and let it do all the hard work. Once the dough was blended, I covered it with a damp tea towel and retired for a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, I excitedly rushed to the kitchen to check out the dough. It was rising nicely, but it was way too runny. It seemed that I'd taught myself a little lesson: Measuring ingredients after an evening at Olive is probably not the wisest idea. I was certain I could salvage it. I just added some more flour until my dough looked like it was the same sticky consistency as Barbara's.

It is quite amazing to think you can cook bread in a skillet over dry heat. It's remarkable. It really did work. My muffins didn't look particularly amazing, but they tasted exactly how a muffin should taste. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Ummm - they were so good with butter and marmite. The were even better with a soft poached Marin Sun Farms egg, a handful of sorrel leaves and a crack of fresh black pepper. I skipped the hollandaise. After all, some things are just a bit too much effort for what should really be a lazy Sunday morning.

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