Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pacific National Exhibition By Lezah

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Sound familiar? If so, then you’ve probably ridden the wooden roller coaster at the Pacific National Exhibition, or PNE. Now, that old wooden roller coaster has been there for fifty-odd years now, and I’m not sure what’s more terrifying – the actual ride, or looking down at the weathered planks that appear to be haphazardly nailed up, which are in fact the only things that are keeping you suspended hundreds of feet up in the air as you rocket around at speeds that feel as though they’re in excess of 100 miles an hour.

Being that this is, in fact, a wooden roller coast, and one of the few originals left, it is a ride that many people travel from all over the world to ride. Just a few hundred yards away is a much more modern corkscrew coaster – but the line-ups are always longest at the old wooden roller coaster. And I’m always right there in line – every year, I have to go ride the old roller coaster. Hopefully you’ll be able to give it a shot, too. Everyone needs a little adrenaline kick and here’s a good wholesome one for you to try.

The PNE is running through Labour Day this year.

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