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Marina's Gelato

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes you can go to a rather out of the way little town, and find the most unexpected gem of a store? That’s happened to me a number of times this year already – down in Mt. Vernon, Washington, we found an absolutely fantastic pizzeria (I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name of the place – I will look it up and write about it next time I’m through that way), and while up in Williams Lake, BC, I found both a fabulous clothing store and, right across the road, a wonderful little chocolate shop (same comment applies).

So, when I was going through Fort Langley a few weeks ago and found this funky little gelato shop, I decided it was time to pay a bit more attention. Marina’s Gelato is located on Glover Road, right in the heart of Fort Langley (near the intersection of Glover and Mary Street). It has an ever-changing group of wildly imaginative flavours – over 40 different varieties of gelato and sorbetto are offered at any different time, and the selection is updated frequently. They even offer diabetic-friendly selections! As impressive as the choice in flavours is the presentation – these tasty treats look too good to eat. But eat I did – and they taste fantastic.

It turns out that there is another store, the original, over in Maple Ridge, BC. There all the flavours are hand-made on the premises and one can even watch the production process in the lab through a large glass window located in the shop.

But this is not just a gelato store – oh no! They also import top quality Italian coffees, and offer cakes and pastries, paninis and soups. The Maple Ridge location (on 224th Street, near the Maple Ridge Rec. Centre) also hosts live music once a month.

So, if you’re having a hard time making it through these dog days of summer, maybe a trip to Marina’s Gelato is the pick-me-up you need. For more information, go to

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