Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Wasteland... The Comeback!" by Kirk

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Bless me, Elvis, it has been eleven weeks since my last blog entry... Hey, hey, I'm back! It may not be 1968 alas, nor am I The King, but this surely marks the biggest comeback since that famous time in Memphis.

Last time you heard from me was shortly after the UK elections in May and shortly before the dramatic climax of the 2004/05 premiership season and Boro's highest ever finish to gain automatic inclusion in the Uefa cup (hurray!!!) - my excuse is that I had a real job (well, some acting) to get on with for a bit, but now I'm back in the dole queue and with today being the first day of a brand new premiership season I thought it was the perfect opportunity to re-ignite The Wasteland to once again comment on the best pop culture has to offer, as the nights draw in and we head towards another long Winter. I've thought long and hard... well, for a reasonable amount of time, somewhere between mild enthusiasm and total apathy... about a few changes:

Firstly, I think it best, looking back over old entries, to restrict my passionate commentaries on the fortunes of MFC to moments of exceptional achievement or failure, and not to include an entry for them for each game - I may, however, comment more on the state of the premiership season generally if it seems appropriate.

Secondly, I may toy with the idea of devoting certain days of the week to certain topics - Monday is movie day, Friday is for music, Sunday is for sport, etc. As always, comments are very welcome, as are any suggestions for improvements and / or requests on stuff to take a look at. So, let's get back to it and see where it all leads... Kx

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