Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Gary Lineker returns in the chair for a new season and a bit of a facelift again for Britain's favourite football show. So, yeah, I promise less football with one hand and then deliver my first proper new post on that very subject. Well, no apologies really, as there are few days in a sport-lover's calendar more exciting than the first day of a new season.

Man Utd and Wayne Rooney stole the headlines, perhaps, beating Champion's League hopefuls Everton 2-0, but there was lots more to cheer: with promotion play-off winners West Ham getting off to a superb start, coming from behind to beat Blackburn 3-1 and Spurs also getting off to an excellent start with a 2-0 away win over Portsmouth. As for my beloved Boro, they played host to the recently crowned champions of Europe and the ever intimidating Steven Gerrard as they struggled to a 0-0 draw - Ugo Egiogu was sent off with 20 minutes to go and it was backs to the wall after that, so a decent point, all things considered... as for the highlights show in question - well, it beats forking out for Sky plus, and despite the irritating banter between regulars Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrensen, is still miles ahead of anything ITV or, ahem, channel Five can offer. The furniture might be new, but the format is more or less the same and that's how we like it; Motty is still there in snow, rain or or shine and that's good enough for me. Just hope I can win some tickets in the goal of the month competitions this year - it's been ages since I managed a live match anywhere - tut, call yourself a fan! Come on Boro. Kx

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