Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Audio et Video Fun By: Sashi

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The Beastie Boys (for the young ‘uns among y’all, these are white guys who used to rap long before Eminem came on the scene) have released some of their tracks - in a capella format - for free download on their website. They’re doing this to encourage people to remix the tracks and share it with others. So go on and ch-ch-check it out, yeah? There’s a new track added every Friday too!

via Boing Boing:
Have ya always wondered about the voiceovers behind all those movie trailers? Well, now’s your chance to put faces to the voices! Check out this hilarious video promo for The Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards - “it’s a heart-warming affirmation of the American Can-Do spirit, inside us all….”

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