Monday, August 15, 2005

Mike’ Musings - Steakermeister!

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Mr. Chad and I have theorized a way to make food more fun, more delicious, and more dangerous, all at the same time.
Think Jagermeister.

But don't think of Jagermeister as just a time-bending, memory-eroding, logic-devouring liquor.
Think of it as a tasty marinade.

I believe that Jager's unique, 56 herb-infused flavor would lend itself well to many dishes.

wild salmon with caramelized Jager sauce.
Ginger and Jager chicken (with lemon!)
Jagerberry sherbet.
Fettuccine Jagfredo.

The list goes on.

So be creative. be adventurous.

Impregnate your gut-sack with my dirty little Jager-babies.

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