Friday, May 20, 2005

Vancouver, Then and Now - by Lezah

I just found a fascinating site about Vancouver. It is produced by the City Of Vancouver's Planning Department, and involves a number of photographs in the 'that was then/ this is now' style. Looking at all the changes that have occurred in my city just in the span of my own lifetime is rather awe-inspiring.

One section was produced as a series of photos that were taken as part of a study by the City's Planning Department back in 1978; the photos them morph forward to 2003. The changes are amazing, especially in the skyline itself (although, the increase in size of the pleasure craft in the False Creek West from Charleson Park is pretty remarkable, too).

There are other views you can look at too: building and street scenes. One notable is the 1929 Marine Building - when it was first constructed, it was the tallest building in the British Empire. Now it is literally dwarfed by the buildings around it, and in the skyline shots, it isn't even visible.

Certainly worth a look:


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