Friday, May 20, 2005

The Burger Poll Update - by Terry

The votes have been cast, the ballots counted, the speeches endured, and now it's time to see how The Burger Poll fared. The Burger Poll was run by Burger Heaven restaurant in New Westminster. People 'voted' by buying the burger of their choice, and they tallied the results. Christine tells me that I must mention how friendly and helpful the people at Burger Heaven were whenever she called to get the latest poll numbers.

I looked in my newspaper and found the actual results for the district of New Westminster, and then went to the site and updated the numbers in the Burger Poll table, just to see what the graph would look like.

The Burger Poll is shown in the chart on the left, and the actual numbers are shown in the chart on the right.

Who needs pollsters? Burgers do the job just as well it seems. So, thanks folks, that was fun, and we'll do it again in 4 years. Check out the burger results under our swank alerts category:

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