Sunday, May 22, 2005

Feathers, Leather and Things That Just Don't Go Together - by Christine

101 Crimes of Fashion

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Tutus. Cowboy outfits. Dead swans.

From Lara Flynn Boyle's ballerina blunder to Björk's infamous fowl frock, the stars enjoy pushing the limits of taste and good sense when it comes to red carpet fashion.

And that's why we love them and why we love to buy magazines that show the best of the worst. Where most red carpet queries run along the lines of "Who are you wearing?" bad outfits elicit queries more along the lines of "What are you wearing...and why?”

E! online has put together a slideshow of the best of the worst on the red carpet. check it out - it has a message board for you to expression your comments, concurrences or disagreements.

You won't believe some of the outfits--and these are just scraping the top of the bottom--so check out 101 Most Sensational Crimes of Fashion to see them all!


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