Friday, May 20, 2005

Canned Hamm Considering a Hiatus - By Lezah

I heard from a reliable source that the Vancouver duo Canned Hamm is considering going on hiatus.  Rob Dayton and Ken Hamm formed the group five years ago and have since put extensive time, energy and money into touring and promoting their band.  These guys love their audience and are committed to playing the smaller club that allow them to perform their show the way they want to, but unfortunately they are currently without a contract or a booking agent.  To complicate matters further, record stores continue to misfile their CDs - check out the 'humour' section at most places if you are looking for them.  This seems to be where they get placed, but isn't necessarily where they should be.  But, when you're as idiosyncratic as this band, it becomes difficult to pigeonhole them...

Anyway, world on the street is that the guys are looking at pursuing other musical interests for the next little while.  But don't despair - this may not be the last we'll hear of Canned Hamm!

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