Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Top Ten Foods to Keep you Healthy by Christine

1. Salmon/halibut - Heart disease, Cancer and Skin

Salmon has a perfect Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid balance - these oils ward off heart disease and certain cancers, as well as alleviating some skin conditions. But these Omega-3s can also help you feel better and look better. They've been shown to fight depression and even fight wrinkles. Grilled salmon makes for a delicious and healthy entree and add avocado for more Omega 3 benefits.

2. Brazil Nuts/Walnuts - Skin and energy

The best source of SELINIUM which helps keep your skin (largest organ of the body) healthy and is essential for fertility, especially for men because it gives sperm more mobility. Brazil and walnuts are the best source of MAGNESIUM - Magnesium shortfalls manifest itself in weakness, nightly cramp, loss of appetite and low energy. If you have insufficient levels of magnesium in your blood, your body will draw from your bones, increasing your risk of osteoporosis.
3. Blueberries/strawberries - Immune System

Very high in Vit C (skin and immune system) but also very high in flavonoids. While they are not considered essential nutrients, flavonoids support health by strengthening capillaries and other connective tissue, and act as anti-inflammatory and antiviral agents. They are also easy to nibble on as snacks.
4. Water - Everything

Water benefits your body in countless ways: feeling, performing and looking well - if you drink the recommended 2.5 litres a day. Water makes you feel focused, energetic; your skin will look supple and your eyes will sparkle . When drinking water with a meal, it will help you to digest food more efficiently and assist the bowel in getting rid of waste products. Drinking water after a night out is the best way to re-hydrate your body and thus, avoid a hang over. The best way to gauge whether you are drinking enough water is to look at your urine which should be very pale in colour.
5. Oats - Energy, anemia, reducing cholesterol

Oats provide iron which the body requires to manufacture red blood cells - a lack of which can cause anemia. As well as releasing energy slowly into the body, keeping us more energetic for longer, oats can help cut the risk of diabetes and reduce cholesterol by a third, as well as helping to reduce the risk of cancer. Whole grain oats contain seven B vitamins, vitamin E, and nine minerals, including iron and calcium. The quality and quantity of the protein in oats is far superior to that of wheat and most other grains. One ounce of oats has TWICE the protein of wheat or corn flakes. The soluble fibre is what gives it the gummy texture, and it helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

6. Cooked Carrots as well as legumes - Arthritis, Heart Disease and Cancer

Beta-carotene, which occurs in high levels in carrots, is probably the best known of the carotenoids. By cooking carrots, more beta carotene is retained and more easily absorbed into the body. Beta carotene has long been known to be an immune booster and has been proved to be effective against arthritis, cardiovascular problems, longer-lasting colds and even cancer. There is also suggestion that beta-carotene has anti-aging qualities. Legumes (beans and peas) contain relatively high amounts of vitamin E. Separate from their vitamin E content, legumes have been associated with low risk of Parkinson’s disease. In other words, “high vitamin E intake” may be a marker for diets high in legumes, and legumes may protect against Parkinson’s disease for reasons as yet undiscovered but unrelated to their vitamin E content.

7. Sweet Potatoes/yams

The magnesium in sweet potatoes can help stabilize moods associated with the menstrual cycle; it even works on headaches.

8. Broccoli, Spinach -Aging, Cancer and Heart Disease

Dark green, and leafy vegetables help a woman's heart and prevent cancer. These vegetable have a very, very high ORAC score (oxygen radical absorbence capacity). This score was devised to measure the effectiveness of foods at neutralizing free radicals. Free-radical damage causes aging, particularly of the skin, and diseases such as cancer and heart disease. The higher the ORAC score, the more protection the food offers us against these diseases. Broccoli is also very high in vitamin C which is the best way to boost your immune system.

9. Watercress, Soy Products- Anemia and Hair Loss/menopause

Soy products like soy milk contain phytoestrogens that can alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause, plus it may lower the risk of breast cancer. Watercress is full of iron which helps protect you from anemia, which is a blood deficiency which can cause tiredness. In turn, anemia is the largest cause of hair loss - and so eating watercress can help to prevent this problem.

10. Garlic- Anti-septic and Anti-viral
Garlic is a natural remedy with potent antiseptic, anti-viral and decongestant qualities. It also appears to have compounds that help lower cholesterol, thin the blood, and possibly act as a cancer preventative if about one or clove of garlic is consumed per day (not supplements).

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