Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DuWop, by Lezah

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The amazing world of DuWop leaves me at a loss for words - I can't believe that their products hadn't been invented before, because there has certainly long been a need for them.

DuWop Cosmetics ain't an ordinary cosmetics company. This company was started in 1998 by two women (Laura DeLuisa and Crinstina Bartolucci) who were working as a hair and makeup team in the entertainment industry; with no shortage of downtime, the two started dreaming up products that the industry needed but was still lacking. Since these products didn't exist, the two got together in a kitchen and like a couple of mad scientists, started cooking up some wild and crazy concoctions.

IGels was one of their first products. Designed to help the actors who came in at 6 am day after 14 hour day (and yet who still had to look beautiful by 6:30 am), IGels is a reusable cool gel eye compress that boasts soothing botanicals and essentials oils.

However, it was Lip Venom that put them on the map. Lip Venom colours the lips, but also plumps them up, sans surgery and injections. Essential oils boost circulation and make lips oh-so kissable. All proceeds from the Jassamine shade of Venom gloss go to the Mother's Club Community Centre.

Other innovations include lip liners that are used outside the lip line, which help fill in vertical lines in the lips.

Entrepreneur magazine has listed the two founders of DuWop in their 2004 Class of Young Millionaires.

Celebrities like Owen Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Cindy Crawford (among others) use their product. Look for it a Sephora and other fine stores.

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