Sunday, May 15, 2005

Free Shows 2005 - by Lezah Williamson

Free shows
I got comps for the Weezer CD release party Wednesday night.  It was going to be at the Roxy so I wasn't overly excited about attending.  Of course, Weezer released their latest CD Tuesday, so this party was in support of that event.  I just figured it might be something interesting to do.  However, I finally decided not to go because the tickets were free (isn't that just the dumbest reason?).

The next night was another free show, but I did decide to attend this one.  It turns out that about once a month, David M. of 'No Fun' (The Beatles of Surrey) does a free solo show at the Robson Street Chapters.  'No Fun' recently was one of the headliners at the Vancouver Complications CD release party, and still plays regularly at shows around town.

Last night's show was in a small, fairly intimate space on the third floor, but was quite well attended.  David, as always, was very topical - having just returned two days previously from Europe (he visited both Poland and Germany), he was full of tales of his trip.  For example, as one who knows only three words in Polish (yes, thank you, and musician), David began feeling as though he was the stupidest man in Europe - but then he found out that George W. was in Europe at the same time, and instantly felt just so superior.

He also shared stories about his other travels, including a visit to Auschwitz (deathplace, obviously, of many Jews during WW2), the salt mines (death, potentially, to slugs), and to see Rufus Wainwright performing in a church (death, perhaps, to all that is holy? - or maybe one of the signs of the Apocalypse?).  Irreverence, thy name is David!

He performed many news songs (but none of No Fun's fan faves or radio hits from the '80s), some covers (like Mason Williams), and two Gorgo ads.  Gorgo ad, you ask?  Yes, Gorgo, the lime toffee chew-bar which has for years been the official sponsor of 'No Fun' - David does ads for Gorgo during the show, which are always hilariously over the top.  No wonder the actual Gorgo company is no longer around... perhaps they died of shame.

No Fun is playing a show at Candy Land on Kingsway on the long weekend, and David M. will continue to serenade Chapters customers on a monthly basis.

Come out to see him - the jokes are good and the price is right!  

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