Monday, May 02, 2005

Parking Faux Pas, by Christine

Parking Faux Pas

It happened again, and me being me, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

I walked into a busy corner grocery store and hollered out, “Hey! Who owns the green mustang?”

“I do” was the response from a really, really big guy.

Three other male customers turned to look at me.

“You know, when you park like that - it’s a sign of arrogance as there’s limited space to begin with, and you took up two parking spots.”

“Well, I just put $7,000 worth of work into that car and I’m not getting it wrecked,” came the reply.

“Your chances of getting it damaged increase when you park like that. Do you know how many people can’t stand that?”

Another voice pipes up and says, “Are you threatening to ‘key’ his car?”.

I turned to the fellow at the cashier, the one who had just spoken, and replied, “Yes, that’s what I do for fun when I’m not working - drive around looking for cars to ‘key’. Get real!”

I turned back to the fellow with the green car (who kept his back to me the whole time) and said, “I’m just giving you a head’s up; if you were to park like that at any high school, you wouldn’t recognize your car when you came out.”

He just shrugged, so I said, “Sorry, I’m blonde and opinionated - gotta speak my mind when I feel the need, and I felt the need.”

“That’s okay, I’m surrounded by blonde, opinionated women every day” came the resigned response.

I had to laugh and said, “You poor bugger”.

“Yeh, that’s what I say to myself”.

We both left at the same time and he allowed my car to exit first - I wasn’t as mad anymore. In fact, I liked him due to his admission of having opinionated females involved in his life... so he can’t say he hasn’t been warned.


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