Saturday, May 07, 2005

Spokane's Mayor - Can You Spell Hypocrite? by Christine

Spokane’s mayor, James West, an extreme Anti-gay proponent, is admittedly gay himself. As well, he has accusations against him from former boy scouts, claiming inappropriate conduct. How hypocritical is that? It’s bad enough that he may have molested some boy scouts, but to be so publicly Anti-gay, only to turn around and admit he’s had adult male consensual sex makes me shake my head. If indeed he is gay, I have no issues with that (I do have issues if the molestation accusations are true). Why would he purposely woo those extremely conservative people who are anti-gay? Did he really think no one would discover his sexual orientation? And what about going online to non-political chatrooms from his office? Can you spell both hypocrite and stupid?


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