Friday, May 20, 2005

Don't Know What to Make of This, by The Political Heretic

Turner said the curriculum should "let the kids know that while some individuals choose to live this lifestyle, that is their choice. They have that freedom as a citizen in this country. However, if they feel uncomfortable with the same-sex attraction . . . they don't have to accept it as a given."
She added, "I will admit there could be a possibility" that in rare instances, people are born homosexual -- such as her cousin Steve.
"He's gay, and he's a great guy," she said. "He's a hairdresser. He's very artistic, very good at what he does, men's and women's hair. Fabulous decorator. And I remember playing together when we were young. . . . My brother was always into trucks and guns, knives and swords. . . . Steve was much quieter. He was much happier hanging out with the girls." - passage from The Washington Post article profiling one who fought a pro-gay sex ed class.

I don't know why but that passage strikes me as odd. Does she or does she not believe gays are born that way and is there in fact a contradiction between her views about it being a choice and her cousin having no choice about his sexuality? Is there in fact, an opportunistic differentiation between those who, in "rare" instances, do not chose their sexual proclivities and those who can?

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