Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How to Trim Calories Through Liquid Rituals by Christine

It is possible to lose calories without depriving yourself of your daily meals, Research has shown that what we drink could be adding more pounds than the sensible meals we dine on every day. You don’t notice the beverage caloric intake, as we often imbibe in beverages without giving it a second thought. Here are a couple of “blind spots” when it comes to our daily beverages.

1) Breakfast juice is a healthy start to the day. Unfortunately, many breakfast juices are high in sodium and sugar. Of course, if you are squeezing your oranges every day for juice, more power to you. But here is a helpful hint to cut out those invisible calories - simply fill your glass half full and top it with cold water, Instant reduction of 50% calories.

2) Coffee. Who doesn't enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea? Tea would be the number way to go and you can still get your caffeine fix if needed, If you are a Starbucks fan, ensure that you have the non-fat milk and avoid those delicious syrups. Better yet - drink you coffee black. If you must have a starbucks drink - try for the grande cappuccino with nonfat milk.

3) Lunchtime thirst quencher. The obvious drink to have would be water, but I realize water does not appeal to many out there. You have two tricks you can use for your favourite lunch drink a) put only half of a cup of your chosen beverage out at a time to drink, because often the full bottles are too much. Do you really need to finish that drink? Otherwise, top it up with water for a lighter quencher.

4) Treat/health beverages -Smoothies are known to carry many antioxidants due to their high fruit combinations. Make sure the fruit is fresh - not concentrate - as that is more calorie dense. Don’t use frozen yogurt which has sugar, but opt for the plain fresh yogurt. Throw in a couple of ice cubes to water it down as well as give you your water allotment.

5) Work out beverages. Stay away from the vitamin infused, flavoured work-out water. Stick to spring water and if the taste doesn’t sit well with you, add a squirt of real lemon and a packet of splenda. It takes the edge off that “water” taste that some people have trouble swallowing.

5) Evening cocktails - if you must, go for a light white wine or a low carb ultra Michelob beer

Within weeks, these slight adaptations will show... which is a celebration for those, like myself, who do not want to sacrifice good eating and drinking. Christine

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