Friday, May 20, 2005

Fiscal Insanity - by The Political Heretic

Here is the proposed allocation (House version) by state and the full list of projects (you can increase print font with magnifying glass tool) brought to you by "Taxpayers for Common Sense."

President Bush has threatened to veto any bill that goes above and beyond $284 billion. I'd be relieved if he actually went through with his threat and vetoed this senate version but I believe he really set his standards for fiscal prudence low in accepting a $284 billion transportation budget filled with pork that states should fund if they really think those projects are necessary or worthwhile.

By the way, "Taxpayers for Common Sense" says the senate version includes a few unrelated tax cut provisions. So much for the fiscally prudent approach members of both parties claim to support.

Great. Cut taxes but increase spending. Shift the burden onto the future generations. Hell, people in their 20s and 30s will already be paying for their parents' and grandparents' medicare and social security checks because our congressional representatives and president have not yet reached an agreement on a reform package.


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