Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tony Hopefuls by Lezah

My friend the movie buff just returned from a ten day trip to New York.  While she was there she saw 12 Broadway shows as well as a number of movies.  A couple of the Broadway shows were ones she had taken in last year when she was there (The Story of Q); most of the rest were new to her, though.

The two that most impressed here were:


‘Doubt' is the story of a Catholic nun who suspects that the new parish priest is a child molester.  However, the nun has no hard evidence, only a strong suspicion. The show chronicles her dealings with the priest, her investigation into his past, and the struggles she goes through herself in trying to come to a resolution. Once she does achieve her goal, she is still racked with doubt.  Has she done the right thing?

'The Pillowman'

'The Pillowman' chronicles the life of two brothers, adult survivors of child abuse at the hands of their parents.  The one is mentally compromised; the other deals with his pain through his profession, where he writes graphically violent 'fairy tales'.  When murders are committed that are patterned after the gruesome deaths outlined in his books, the author brother immediately becomes a police suspect.  However, he knows he hasn't done anything, and he starts to suspect his own brother.

This play deals with many issues, such as family and family ties, and well as the Right to Free Speech and the responsibility one takes when writing something that could be used as a template by those with disturbed minds.

My friend felt that these two plays were especially worthy of being Tony nominees.  Stay tuned to see if her predictions come true.   

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