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When Muslims systematically torture and murder Roman Catholics, it's America's fault?: Laurence Simon

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Laurence Simon

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Just like the world has warped the history of the Sabra Massacre to blaming Ariel Sharon and Israel for the massacre of Muslims when it was a gang of radical Christian militias going to the camps and doing the killing, it seems that the peace-loving Arab Muslim journalists are intent on blaming the United States and Australia for Indonesia's genocidal reign over East Timor:

The 2,500-page UN report, which took two years to compile and drew on testimonies from 8,000 witnesses, concludes: “The violations were committed in execution of a systematic plan approved, conducted and controlled by Indonesia’s military commanders at the highest level.” As to whom you want to believe, well, I’ll leave it to you.

There’s a lot of damning stuff there — against Jakarta, to be sure, but decidedly against Washington and Canberra as well — capitals whose least expression of remorse should be to pay serious reparations to the people of East Timor for all the suffering they were made to endure for three decades.

A Muslim dicatorship murders 180,000 Roman Catholics during a three-decade occupation before they are eventually liberated by Western diplomacy, and the Muslims respond by trying to blame the hundreds of thousands of murders on Americans and Australians.

Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

I guess we should prepare for the Muslims of the world to blame America for the hundreds of thousand murdered, raped, tortured, and millions displaced in Sudan by the Arab Muslim regime there.

I'm just looking forward to Western Sudan eventually breaks free from Oroccan exploitation and occupation. That's Muslim-on-Muslim occupation. How will they manage to blame that on America?


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If Jimmy Carter was such a bastion of international human rights, why didn't he reverse Ford's alleged appeasement policy and take any kind of formal stand against Indonesia as he did with penalizing America's athletes over Russia's occupation of Afghanistan?

* In mid-1977, Carter Administration officials, led by then National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, blocked attempts (Document 23) by a U.S. Congressman, Donald Fraser (MN) to obtain a copy of the explosive cable transcribing President Ford and Secretary of State Kissinger's December 6, 1975 meeting with Indonesian President Suharto in which Ford and Kissinger "went out of their way on the eve of the GOI move on Timor to assure Suharto of an understanding attitude by the U.S." Twenty four years later, in December 2001, the National Security Archive published the full text of this cable.

* In a May 10, 1978 meeting with President Suharto in Jakarta (Document 29), then Vice-President Walter Mondale discussed with the Indonesian President the Administration's desire for expanded arms sales to Jakarta and recommended "how to handle public relations aspects of the [Timor] problem" in ways that would "have a beneficial impact on U.S. public opinion."

Of Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton - which has the Nobel Peace Albatross?

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