Monday, January 16, 2006

Concert Fashion - Swank or Skank?

Concert Fashion

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I didn’t know whether to file this under swank or skank because I was so overwhelmed by the getups that I realized if there are this many people dressing like this, perhaps it is ‘swank’ despite my personal reaction to some of the gear. One fellow actually gave me a good, solid, loud guffaw - an involuntary response to his absurd getup. In my view, many of these fashions are just retreads... but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... so I shall just file it under swank, and let you draw your own conclusions...

Every one of these outfits were for the concert, Story of the Year at the Croatian Cultural Centre. As this was an all ages venue, I found it interesting to see what the young ‘uns were sporting. Here is a list of the accessories worn by the youth present at the concert:

• fingerless gloves - 80’s throwback
• mohawk - 70’s throwback
• vans sneakers - constant through the years
• t-shirts with band logos - constant
• hats with ear flaps - what the hell?
• tight, tight, jeans - ‘80s throwback, although in the ‘80s it was spandex over jeans
• the colour pink - be it hair, make-up, articles of clothing
• dyed black hair hair
• striped tights black/pink, black/white - Pipi Longstocking style
• jailees (low slung, baggie skater shorts) 90’s grunge
• button pins - bands, expressions, awareness every decade covered here
• converse hightops - again, long term stylin’
• studded black leather belts - ‘70s contribution and kept growing
• guys wearing more eyeliner than the gals - Thanks Bowie
• rainbow dyed hair - throwback to the ‘70s and ‘80s
• striped sleeves and wrist bands (similar to the aforesaid tights)
• lots of black outfits, but always with one bright splash of colour - pink being the number one preference and blue coming a distant second
• toques with small brims - no one appeared to know what they were actually called - definitely a current year’s contribution

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