Saturday, February 16, 2008

Top Ten Albums ... or, at least, the top four good ones... By Lezah Williamson

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I usually don't agree with those Top Ten lists that are put out, because, for the most part, the choices are too mainstream, banal, mundane... You get the idea.

But I just happened to click on the Top Ten list of albums for this week on inDiscover on MSN.

Turns out the #1 album is the one I currently have in my player: Radiohead, In Rainbows.

#2? My top movie pick for 2006, Juno - or rather, the soundtrack of Juno.

#3? None other than the Canadian (and Grammy-snubbed) singer, Feist, for her album The Reminder.

One more notable pick - #9 - fellow Canadian Michael Buble

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